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EU vaccinated only by ...failure EU vaccinated only by ...failure
by Thanos Kalamidas
2021-03-07 11:26:04
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The failure of the European governments to defend their citizens from CoViD-19 and its economic side-effects as a Union while badgering with pharmaceutical companies and cosying up with the far-right, shows how deep the problems within EU are. It also surfaces the fact that Brexit was definitely EU monumental los. And it is all EU’s fault.

The last twenty years EU did two huge political mistakes. First of all 2004 enlargement. with full membership and full membership rights, to countries that didn’t fulfil even its basic democratic criteria like Hungary and Poland. Countries that lacked democracy. Twenty years later we can see these two countries – among others who joined later the block, most East European, most part of the 21st century expansion – evaluating in authoritarian states with no respect to human rights, freedom of speech and juridical independence.

orb0001_400EU leadership knew all that that’s why the enlargement decision was fully political. It was also fully opportunistic since they took this decision to strengthen the new appeared currency, the euro. In the name of profiting they sacrificed democracy and forced a union that prides its democratic principals and foundations to accept as full members countries that still practiced authoritarianism, prejudice and discrimination.

But huge mistakes love a huger following. While many acknowledging some new members’ handicaps, they also believed that the good company of strong democratic states and EU principals will changed them; make them more tolerant and acceptable. This might have made some sense back in 2004 or even 2008 but in 2021 it sounds like a joke.

In 2021 Hungary has turned into the brightest star of fascism under a democratic veil globally and Poland has made prejudice and discrimination national policy. And instead of them evaluating inside EU into democratic states, they have victimize democracy in EU using exactly these democratic principals and the equality rights given to them as not disserving gifts. Hungary’s and Poland’s authoritarianism except of often blocking democratic decisions within EU, they have eventually become mainstream founding support even in older members like Greece.

Regulations about immigration and refugees lately have a xenophobic touch and undemocratic intolerance to more progressive ideas found a far-right welcome mat. But it didn’t stop with a touch and a pat, eventually Poland and especially Hungary started holding EU hostage and Orbán became Trump before Trump holding Hungary first in a union of equals often ignoring or intentionally violating common rules and regulations. Orbán from the strange uncle on Sundays dinner became the fascist bully brother in a daily eruption. And EU leadership kept quiet. EU left shepherds egg cocoon in its own nest.

And when EU decided at last to do something Brexit came to give more weaponry to people like Orbán. You needed me in 2004; you need me more in 2020 or …be careful because I’m ready to pull a Hungexit. And while trying to calm down Orbán, EU accepts the Hungarian’s xenophobic, sometimes racist, often homophobic, definitely anti-liberal and anti-left interventions. Common policy for vaccinations? We buy Russian and Chinese. Hungary first. And in the meantime kill free press and free speech, turn courtrooms into opposition hunt ground and make sure that Roma don’t have rights.

Boris Johnson made a very bad Brexit deal with EU, much worse than the one Theresa May had negotiated a few months before and the results starting been obvious. But, so what? EU can not do any advance in the battle of the global economy because EU is divided and malfunctioning due to internal problems, Hungary, Poland and their acolytes to name the worst who screw up any sense of unity and community.

Still EU leadership is doing something. Watching and waiting for ….Biden to give solutions!

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