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 At MCG ! At MCG !
by Saloni Kaul
2021-03-02 08:57:39
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World Cup Cricket took all Melbourne by storm,
You were at MCG to add your mite
To seventy thousand fans that to see teams’ form
Thronged steep stadium aisles by day and by night.
You ran up down aisles all day at high mount --
We had prime seats thanks to dear Government House! --
Cried ‘four’ and ‘six’ and ‘out’ at oddest count,
Elicited great shots, forced some to take last bows.
The English batsmen entertained the little girl gad-about     
Seated betwixt Gooch and Lamb in pillion;
At least they loved you till you shouted ‘out’
And top order marched back to the pavilion.
When David Gower beamed at us and with you shook hands,
You didn’t know who was who, stars at the stands.
Your ‘out’ fetched glares when it resulted in a catch,
They all forgave you only when they won the match.


Alec Stewart’s 77 and Neil Fairbrother’s 75 were highlights in England’s 3w. win.

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