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The Serv-a-Con-Trumpians The Serv-a-Con-Trumpians
by Leah Sellers
2021-03-02 08:58:12
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The American Republican Party is known to be a Party full of Conservatives. However, they have now BeCome Pre-servatives of Old Power, Ancient Hatreds and Fears drug and wrangled into the Present in order to hold back the Enlightening Future of Positive Changes and Meaningful ReFormations needed for the Whole World to Survive the National and Global challenges ahead. They have BeCome the Serv-a-Con-Trumpians.
trumstatu0001_400Yes, Trumpty is a Con. An A-moral, Greedy, Needy, Bigot, Racist, Xenophobic, Misogynist Flim-Flam-Man. The feckless and dis-loyal to any-body but Him-Self Leader of all Greedy, Needy, Bigots, Racists, Xenophobes and Misogynists Nationally and Worldwide. .
Much like his Hero, Hitler, he has made Him-Self the golden-idol- god-in -U.S.-flag-boxer-shorts of his cronies, hoodwinkers and lemmings.
Much like Hitler, who used swirling and inspirational Wagnerian music and Nordic myths and legendary gods to guide his lemmings Psyches and Spiritual imaginations lives, Trumpty has created the same Communal Psyche-Spiritual Scam-a-lam and atmosphere with upside down Bibles, mis-information Hucksters, the pure idolatry of Him-Self, cowardly and dastardly Power-Seekers (who disguise themselves as Servants of the People) and Burning, Hate-Churning Crosses to be His lemmings Bosses in order to form his Fourth Reich.
Heil Trumpty ! Heil Hatred ! Heil Fear ! Heil Denial Culture ! Heil Mis-Information Culture (and all that it wickedly and twistedly breeds and corrupts) !
Yes, Trumpty has his Serv-a-Cons are using their Bully-Bull-Pits in Churches of Christ everywhere for Anti-Christ messaging of Hatreds and Fears, and Calls for Violent (let’s take down the American Capitol Building and It’s Occupants, and all who do not follow our Mis-Informed Mis-guidances and Propagandizements) Action ! Onward Anti-Christian soldiers calling themselves and their hateful and fear-based actions Christian !
The Devil is in the de-tails ! The flick and flash of devilish tales, that is !
Heil Trumpty !
Trumpty is hungry to rant and rave his Grievances of unfulfilled Anti-Christ, Mis-Informational prophesies of his Successes (which were actually damaging losses for the Soul and Energetic Impetus of America). To Big Lie about the Presidency being stolen from him, because he is a Sociopath who does not really believe in democracy. He only believes in what makes him feel Superior, if you please.
So, let’s have a Rally full of his hot-air bally-hoo full of his Hatefilled, fear-based manipulating voo-doo that enlivens his Zombieland who-doo Serv-a-Con-Trumpians ! So that they can all continue to Humpty and Dumpty their radicalized annihilating ways and means voo-doo scoops and poops all over America and the World !
Heil Trumpty !
Folks, it’s time to Take a Stand ! Name the real devils in the room. Take the Bullying-Bulls by the Horns and Put the Pitiful-Pit-Makers into the Pits of their own Making, and Walk Forward into Enlightened Paths of Life and forms of Fair and Just Liberties and truly open and burgeoning Opportunities !
It's Time to give Hope and Action to Enlightened and Enlightening Dreams of our Better Selves and Higher Deeds regarding OurSelves and the World a Whole Cosmological Place and Space of Being !
It's Time to leave the Serv-a-Con Trumpian-Hitlerian Annihilating Nightmare behind in some nondescript Cosmological deep Black Hole somewhere !


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