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Minoan Shores Minoan Shores
by Nikos Laios
2021-02-25 09:31:34
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The day moves
With poetry as
ancient_relics_400The white boats
Dance on  the blue waves
Of the caldera like a ballet
Measuring the rhythm of time
Crossing paths and leaving
Wisps of white foaming trails
Slowly behind them.

The green cacti basking
In the sun on rocky peaks,
The colourful pink flowers gently
Swaying to the soft breeze against the
Whitewashed walls, as the cubes of white
Houses cling to the edge of the red cliffs
With the yellow sun drenching
Them with light.

As the swallows with their scissor-tails
Dart and weave in their air, hovering
On thermals,then swiftly plunging down
And over the blue waves.

While the small green lizard clings
To its red rock drinking in the sun
Watching the day move with poetry.

Poetry since time immemorial
On these ancient Minoan shores.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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