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Sculpting Southern Peaks Sculpting Southern Peaks
by Saloni Kaul
2021-02-24 10:59:43
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We that gripped hard at what felt like land’s end
Wondered at you who only saw what wonderland vast meant
In icy sheets all stretching to south pole’s iceland               
Where iceshelves float on elevated continent.
White stretches far beyond, so white the flocks they host,
O’er white lands tripping eerily they prance ;
Lands where even the chance of your spotting a ghost
Actually stands just about a ghost of a chance.             
There where huge tabular icebergs float all in all            
Before large blue whale, humpback, sei and minke,
Adelie, Emperor penguins one metre tall,
Waddle bold colonies that seldom blink.
As unafraid as these, you sculpt new peaks with ease,
Be they great iceland wonders with their cryptic tease.


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