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When the Intent of One Thing BeComes Quite Another When the Intent of One Thing BeComes Quite Another
by Leah Sellers
2021-02-22 09:00:27
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Texas, for the most part has had it rough. First the Corona Pandemic carelessly and irresponsibly dispersed from Asiatic shores. Secondly the Big, Bad Ice a Snow Set-ins keeping Texans for days on end Locked-in with defective, deregulated Energy Grids leading to no Electricity for Heat. No Water from frozen Water Pumps and Pipes. And Gas and Food Shortages in some areas.

texsno0001_400And just try getting your car to one of the Covid Vaccine Set-ups without ending up screaming “Slip Slidin’ Away”. No matter what your Destination you’re Slip Slidin’ Away.

Fortunately, I was raised by a well educated and practical Country Girl, who finally got Dad to get us out of the city of Houston when we were young, and back out into a thing called Country Life. And while Living upon and Working upon the Beautiful Bounty of the Land in Bluebonnet Hill Country, my Sisters and I learned the Fine Art of Making the Intent of One Thing Another.

Thank you, Mama !

Because I Choose to Live in the Country, I BeCame one of those Frozen-in, Heat Seeking, Running Waterless Texans.

Snow and Ice covered everything, and made the Roadways impassable for awhile.

When I finally stuck my head out the door, I discovered my porch and steps to be almost completely covered with an inches thick sheet of ice and pockets of ice covered snow. I had no ice skates available. So, what to do.

After chipping and chopping away at the thick ice with a hammer, a crow bar, and the flat end of an axe, I discovered that the Metal of each was damaging to the exterior of my Wooden porch.

After searching around the House I came upon The Family Baseball Bat made of aluminum. Bingo ! The Intent of One Thing BeComes Another !

While successfully chipping and chopping away with no further damage to the porch, my Memories took me back to the laughter and fun exertions of many Holidays and Family/Friend Gatherings when there were Cracks at the Bat and Bases Run and good Homemade Cooking eaten by EveryOne.

The Baseball was thrown (sometimes underhand and sometimes overhand depending upon who was doing the Pitching). The familiar exhileration of anticipation as your Swing was made. The satisfying Crack in the air as Ball met Bat for a Grounder or a Flyer. The periodic tracking of the Ball as you ran frantically to First Base, asking yourself if you could make it to Second ?  Third ?  Home ?

Such is the World of Baseball and Baseball Bats. And such is Life.

And now this Bat full of such wonderful Memories and Teachable Moments BeComes an Instrument, another Teachable Moment of chipping and chopping in order to make my front porch and steps a Place of Safety so that I can make it to my Ice and Snow covered Car without a compromising Fall.

Life is full of Surprises of one kind or another. Full of Circumstances and Moments in Time and Place when the Intent of One Thing BeComes quite Another.
Quite Another.


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