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Fin Elegy - Chapter 5: Jenny. Part 1 Fin Elegy - Chapter 5: Jenny. Part 1
by Christos Mouzeviris
2021-02-21 12:10:27
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Suddenly the room turned dark, as the shadow from the corner where Fin originated, spread slowly like tar, covering every wall. The doors leading to the exit and the bathroom disappeared behind the coal slime, as it crept progressively.

Soon, everything apart from the furniture was painted black. The substance seemed alive, with droplets from itself floating between the ceiling and the floor, as it pulsated on each wall. Contrary to the dimming of Doug’s chamber, the space outside the window was becoming brighter, as a light source seemingly approached.

A luminous beam was now bathing Doug, entering the room from outside like a spotlight. Fin stood from the armchair and withdrew further away from it, leaning against the wall at the top of the bed, partially re-joining the dark matter. He tried to stay out of the beam’s way, as he remained content in standing in the still shadowy part of the room.

chapter_5__persephone_the_death_of_the_maiden_400Doug’s expression manifested pain and a progressive lamentation, as tears were watering down his face. He was now turning himself into a ball, folding his legs with his knees upright as he rested his arms on them. He hid his head between his tucked limbs, as the sheet covering his body dropped and settled around his waist, leaving him half naked.

Fin allowed him to weep for a few minutes, observing his grief. Of all the things he would have to go through with Doug, this was by far the hardest; but necessary still. After a considerable time of being absorbed back into the shadow, he emerged once more and reproached the black armchair, pulling it slightly further from the window.

He sat in it, as Doug was slowly coming out of his anguishing state. Fin looked towards him for a little while, as he rested again his arms on the furniture, joining his palms and crossing his fingers close to his mouth.

“There was nothing you could do. It was not your fault….” Said calmly Fin, before being abruptly interrupted by Doug.

-Ah, why don’t you just stop! I have heard this nonsense so many times before. All the crap people tell you when they try to console you. There is no comfort for that; nothing can bring Jenny back, nothing! I will never see her grow to become the beautiful woman she really was, watch her succeeding and find the happiness I did not.

Doug turned his head towards Fin, staring at him both with fire and water in his eyes, as his anger and sorrow could clearly be expressed through his irises. His face became suddenly older looking, wrinkled, and worn out by the emotions. His fists were clenched closer to his chest now, as his legs were lowered with one folded under the other.

After Anne walked out on Doug, Jenny followed her. Her dad had become a different man from the one she remembered. She was always close to him; however the last years she spent with her parents in their family home, she could not bear watching him becoming that distant, dark individual.

Jenny hoped, that by punishing her father with her absence, she could overhaul his attitude and force him to change his ways; bring him back to his old self, her beloved daddy. But she did not have the time. Soon after the divorce of her parents was finalized, she fell ill. For the year that followed, she fought hard for her own life. At least she got to see her parents caring for her together once more.

“Glioblastoma,” the words of the doctor echoed once more in Doug’s head, while the image of his lips as he spoke, flashed before his eyes again. He recounted the sinking feeling, the sense of hopelessness and desperation, the guilt, anger, pain, and sorrow; but ultimately, his heart was filled with what Jenny herself inspired him the most. Unconditional love.

“She was the only person I truly adored in my whole life. I have not connected with anyone else with the same profoundness. Not even my own parents, my siblings or Anne. No one. And I have lost her, like everything else, I let her slip away. It was all my fault; I caused all this pain,” said Doug, as he lowered again his head, looking towards his feet.

-Why do you think you prompted it? Do you believe you possess such powers?

-If I had not let her go and I was there to protect her, if I have not caused all this stress, anguish, and pain to my family, she would still be with me. Her death was my doing, my burden, and my punishment, for doing the things I did, living the life that I was.

“None of this was your fault Doug. The chances of someone dying from a terrible disease such as Jenny’s are the same for anyone. The universe does not punish people in such cruel way. It may return attitudes, your actions towards others, to give you a chance to experience and understand them, for a chance to repent. But it never, ever causes death as retribution,” Fin interrupts Doug’s grieving words.

-Every single human being is part of the greater creation. Whether spiritually or materially, you are all integrated and connected as a component to the divine. I explained this to you in our earlier discussions. So, the thought of some deity watching you and deciding to make someone sick, for a type of karmic justice is only a figment of humanity’s imagination.

“Just as a machine does not determine if one of its bolts becomes faulty, or your own body has not any control over the health and functionality of its own cells, in such way what you perceive as “god”, does not chose to make people die,” explains the dark entity.

Doug jolts further back to the bed, as he turns to Fin once more, addressing him in protest. “I do not want to hear this scientific nonsense right now, why you insist on saying these things to me. Where was your God when my Jenny was dying, why my prayers were not heard by this “cosmic luminous being” that you keep referring to? That is all that matters to me, why did I have to lose my daughter damn it, why?”

The two men looked at each other briefly. Doug’s gaze was intense and loaded with emotion, while Fin’s very collected and rational. Suddenly Doug jumps out of bed completely naked, as he leaves the sheet covering his body on the bed, and heads towards the armchair. He kneels before Fin and beseeches him, as he grabs the armrests close to the entity’s hands, which now looked back at the man astounded.

-You were there when my Jenny died, just as you were for Bobby. You can take her form just for one moment, please Fin won’t you. You did the same with Lucy. I beg you let me talk to her once more, let me hold her, please.

“Please,” Doug repeated his plea as his eyes were watering again and his lips were trembling. He held his breath as he was expecting his wish to be fulfilled, staring at Fin.

Yet the dark entity, remained calm. He leaned towards the distraught man and with an expression that resembled compassion, he calmly replied: “I am sorry Doug, but I cannot grant this wish. You see, Jenny is not your demon; she has gone beyond my realm. She has consolidated with the cosmic light; thus, I cannot take her form. You will join with her if you die tonight and once your spirit is cleansed.”

“Well, I think I am ready now Fin. Can I see my daughter again?” pleads Doug with a whispering voice.

-That is sadly something that neither you nor myself can decide. It is not how it works. As I explained to you in the beginning, I am not here to take your soul, but prepare its passing, if such event takes place.

“What happened to my girl,” replied Doug disheartened, as he lowered his head while sitting his body near Fin’s feet. His own legs were now spread towards the wall, and his body supported by his left arm against the floor.


The paintings: Temptation Within in the Cover and Persephone The Death of the Maiden that accompanies the text, are Christos Mouzeviris’ creations.


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