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Today's revolutions Today's revolutions
by Joseph Gatt
2021-02-18 12:53:46
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Revolution means overthrowing the government, or at least challenging the government. But you can't just overthrow the government. Most revolutions are the fruit of the masses challenging the government in the name of an ideology.

In 1776 in the United States, the masses challenged the British King in the name of democracy that is equal participation in the decision-making process. In 1789 France, King Louis the 16th was overthrown in the name of equal rights, and to defeat the social stratification system where a noble caste controlled wealth and a third estate was enslaved by the noble caste.

Revolutions around Europe in the 1840s were meant to protect worker's rights, and were the buds of Communism. The Russian revolution overthrew the Tsarist regime in the name of the protection of worker's rights.

rev001_400_02Now for revolutions to take place you need something called a “government.” Most of Africa and Asia did not have a government so to speak until the 1960s, and states were governed in de-centralized fashion, with no blood ties or ideological ties among the rulers of different villages.

The 1960s saw “nationalist” revolutions in Africa and Asia that is revolutions where the autochthonous populations would rule the government, and where the European colonizers could no longer hold positions in the government.

But what about today? It would be a big mistake to think that the masses are too addicted to Facebook to contemplate revolutions.

But overthrowing the government in the name of what?

There are two main ideological trends at the moment. In the past it was the International Communism vs. Capitalist Nationalism.

Today, it's International anti-Racism vs. local Nationalism.

What is International anti-Racism? International anti-Racism is a loose ideological movement that believes in individualism, and that individual quirks should be catered to, celebrated, that no law should prevent individuals from asserting their quirks, and that quirky individuals should be visible.

International anti-Racism movements believe that the government is ruled by an elite that represses individuality. What individuality? Dietary minorities, religious minorities, sexual minorities, gender minorities, traditional minorities, you name it.

So International anti-Racists believe (falsely) that the governments in Europe and North America are racist, and that individual liberties are not taken into account. Individual liberties include being granted free time to pray on a Friday for Muslims, gluten-free, raw vegan meal options in cafeterias, racial quotas so all the thousands of different ethnic and gender groups can be represented in all spheres of government. And redefining parenting, that is parenting is not about a mother and a father, but can involve different combinations of co-parenting.

More importantly, anti-Racists want to severely punish anyone who, in any form, insults or defames minorities in any way. If you say that raw vegans are going to die young, you should go to jail for 5 years. That kind of nonsense.

As with most revolutions, anti-Racists do not have an economic agenda or a vision for economic growth. Just like radical Islamists, anti-racists believe that the anti-racist social order will solve all of the world's plagues. Radical Islamic terrorists believe that strict Sharia law will make Allah more favorable and clement to economic growth. Radical anti-Racist terrorists believe that tri-sexual leaders (that is leaders who are gay, straight and into transgender) will solve all economic problems.

Now the other revolutionary threat or counter-revolutionary threat is from the nationalists or ultra-nationalists. Ultra-nationalists radically oppose anti-racists, and believe that all these individual liberties defy common sense.

That is co-parenting or raw vegan cafeterias or allowing surrogate mothers three months of maternity leave when those surrogate mothers are giving up the baby to a gay couple is plain nonsense.

Ultra-nationalists believe in traditional values, religious values, and a traditional society where marriage is the norm, a mother and a father is the norm, and if you want to eat raw vegan food, bring your own lunch box and don't bother me with raw vegan recipes or try to convert me to eating raw salads. I love my steak.

These are very real revolutionary threats. During the 1990s, 2000s and 2010s, radical Islamic terrorism was my nightmare, and everyone's nightmare. In the 2020s, it's going to be bombs and terrorist attacks in the name of tri-sexual marriage rights or in the name of a legal system that puts in prison for pointing a finger at a Black or Latino or Asian man if you're a White dude. Not looking good, but at least I've identified the problem. I hope it gets nipped in the bud.

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