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Just Suppose... Just Suppose...
by Jan Sand
2021-02-13 11:49:58
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When I was a kid, back in the early 1930’s, there wasn’t a hell of a lot of well conceived good science fiction around. Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs took a stab at it but the only writer that impressed me was H.G.Wells with his time machine and “War Of The Worlds”. That still reads pretty well but we now know enough about the planet Mars to understand it contains no threats.

ali0001_400Nevertheless the idea that an alien invasion from elsewhere in the universe has been explored thoroughly in later fiction is obvious. The better attempts such as Heinlein’s “The Puppet Masters”, John Campbell’s “Who Goes There?”, and Jack Finney’s “The Body Snatchers” involved alien life forms with biological qualities that avoided open conflict such as inter-species warfare.

If an alien civilization from outside the solar system took a fancy to our planet Earth, I have often wondered just how it might go about taking possession of the planet without the presumed brutal conflict with the current human controlling species. No doubt, there would be methods well developed in the long history of its interstellar civilization that has become standardized. Presuming that expeditions in search of suitable planets to expand into would be relatively small it makes sense that cleverness in manipulating the local population would be a major element in their take over and if the local population could be persuaded to eliminate itself, that would be ideal.

In the light of this possibility I am persuaded that something of this sort may be taking place on our planet now, since the open disregard of the major economic, financial and political powers are rapidly building up towards this very odd goal for the current inhabitants and I cannot see why else this is happening. No doubt this observation may be seen a long reach for a sensible mind and it certainly is not in any way a conventional way to understand current events, but I am in difficult straits to discover other explanations. I am totally astounded to watch how little is being done in the short time available to correct the obvious gross errors humanity is committing to save the vital forces in the atmosphere, the oceans, and the ecology which underlies our existence on this very special planet.

Ever since WWII and its Foo fighters and the original report of “flying saucers”  by Kenneth Arnold in 1947 have been vigorously denied by official governments and those reports have left huge uncertainties in the public’s mind. The massive fakery with manufactured photo evidence all over the internet has been countered by evidences in The New York Times recently that there remains much confusion on the matter. Just why the whole area is so vague remains a mystery, which is why I have such extreme thoughts as to why it may be happening. The vast disappearances of multitudes of different species of birds, necessary insects, and many larger creatures and the rapacious destructions of the forests in the tropics which gives us the necessary oxygen to breath is most curious.  The rich life of the oceans is also vanishing since the warming waters cannot supply the life with oxygen and the acidification is dissolving the shells of many forms. The death of the corals destroys the immense ecologies of many forms of sea life which supply humans and other animals with food.

And the basic temperature of the planet is rising fast so that there are already summer days that threaten human and other life in the tropics. Regularly experts must accept that they have underestimated how the increasing heat of the planet is moving towards temperatures in the tropics that are fatal so that large populations must flee to remain alive. Already, desperate populations are on the move and it is only a matter of decades before refugees become massively violent to remain alive. This is precisely the agenda that favors an alien invasion that prefers a hotter planet and which encourages conflicts amongst locals relieving invaders from the necessity to eliminate local inhabitants. I readily admit these thoughts could well be a personal fantasy but the concept that humanity could be driven to such thoughtless suicidal actions otherwise is also somehow rather incredible.

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