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How voters vote - a simple algorithm How voters vote - a simple algorithm
by Joseph Gatt
2021-02-09 11:45:11
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Voting is really simple. In any country, there are those who love the strong and love the weak. There are those who love the strong and hate the weak. There are those who hate the strong and love the weak. And there are those who hate the strong and hate the weak.

Those who love the strong and love the weak

These men and women tend to look at the full picture before they vote.

elec001_400When they vote, they look at candidates and try to figure out whether their policies, platforms and campaign promises favor the strong AND the weak.

So if you insult the weak, you will lose their vote. If you insult the strong, you will lose their vote. If you insult the strong AND the weak, you will lose their vote.

If you promise to help the strong AND the weak you will gain their vote.

Those who love the strong and hate the weak

These guys and girls believe that politics is for the rich and powerful. They tend to believe that if you are poor and weak, you need to try harder and work harder.

So when you campaign, you need to make it clear that your policies will help strong people.

These guys and girls tend not to vote for candidates who promise “help.” They tend to vote for candidates who promise “empowerment.”

Those who hate the strong and love the weak

These guys and girls, let's be honest, love it when people struggle. If you have good news for them, they'll cringe and frown. If you have bad news, they'll smile.

So these guys will vote for you if you keep attacking the powerful and promise miracles for the weaker people in society.

That is if you promise to empower the poor and downgrade the rich, you will get their vote.

Problem is: you really need to attack the rich and powerful to gain their vote.

Who are these guys and girls? Often boys and girls who were raised by modest parents. And their parents, to justify their modesty, raised their children to hate the rich and admire the poor people like themselves.

Those who hate the strong and hate the weak

The Nihilists. Rich people don't deserve to be rich. Poor people deserve to be poor. Both will go to hell.

The Nihilists tend to vote for people who promise destruction. They tend to vote for any candidate who promises to destroy the country and put the country in shambles.

They tend to look for signs that the candidate will destroy the political system. And that's who they will vote for.

To gain their vote, you will need to make it sound like you will make life difficult for the rich and life difficult for the poor.

You find a lot of these voters in South Korea. The kind of voters who look for candidates who promise to turn the country into a concentration camp and labor camp, where everyone will work like a slave and will be treated like a slave.

Those who don't care

They are the most difficult voters to convince.

They don't hate the rich. They don't hate the poor. They go to work, get work done, collect their paychecks, go home, and play video games or binge on sit-coms or soap operas or cook and watch the Food Network all day or something.

How do you get these guys and girls to vote? Problem is they are not reading the papers, not checking your Twitter or Facebook feeds, and they don't watch TV, so they don't see the ads calling for them to vote.

They don't care about taxes (they pay taxes without thinking twice, and pay whatever is asked) and they won't care as long as they still have their job and come home to their video games.

Other problem is they are connected to their job and they know how their company is doing. If their company is doing fine, they won't bother with politicians threatening them that the country is going to be ruined by the opponent, because they know their company is still up and running.

How do you seduce these guys? You promise them less crime, better roads and infrastructure, better consumer deals.

If I were to target this demographic, I'd design an ad with something like “Imagine if John Doe were elected to congress. You would no longer have your pizza parlor. All the shops in the mall would go out of business. Your Internet speed would slow down. You would get power cuts. Water won't run in the sink. Your Netflix series will take ages to download and will keep buffering. Your rent will go up. Rent will be so expensive you'll be spending a big chunk of your paycheck on that.”

In sum, the apathetic are the most difficult demographic, because they are completely disconnected from political media. And when they receive political ads in the mail, they tend to throw them without even looking at them. So the best way to get these guys to vote is to talk to them directly, in person. Maybe meet them at their office, or knock at their door

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