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Evolution and our bodies Evolution and our bodies
by Joseph Gatt
2021-02-05 09:49:27
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Human bodies evolved, this is a hypothesis, in ways so they can hide in the wilderness.

That is, those humans who lived in white, snowy areas tended to develop pale skin and pale hair and pale eyes. Those who evolved in arid areas developed the kind of color of the skin that could hide them in the dark, arid areas.

So, if you follow my reasoning, red hair is a genetic mutation where the hair adapts to hiding around the reddish surroundings. Those were surroundings with lots of light colored trees, red-colored foliage, and light-colored soil.

When you spend generations in the snow, your skin develops into light patterns that make it harder to distinguish you from the snow. Why? Because in the old days we did not have rifles, and there were plenty of tigers, lions, foxes and wolves that could attack us. So if those animals had trouble distinguishing us, it was easier for us humans to hide from them.

evol0001_400Hunting is another reason for this genetic evolution. Every now and then, a team of our human ancestors would roam the forests hunting for predatory tigers or lions or wolves, hoping to kill them not so they could eat them, but so those animals could be prevented from harming us.

So the Mediterranean pale olive skin is also a good cover when surrounded by olive trees and light-colored soil. The dark color of our hair blends well with the surrounding trees, the light color of our skin blends in well with what, at that time, was light-colored soil. Remember there were no roads back then.

What about our body shapes. Why some people are genetically predisposed to being “thin” while others have more “curves?”

You need to know that the cold makes our bodies burn fat. And our ancestors did not have gas heating or electric heating. At best, they relied on chimneys. A lot of times, they did not even have chimneys.

So those whose ancestors evolved in ice-cold areas tended to burn more fat, and that means North Asians and Northern Europeans tend to be more genetically predisposed to being thin or very thin. Their ancestors kept burning fat to endure the cold. Now don't you go out there and spend 12 hours in the cold so you can burn fat, because you'll catch pneumonia if you do that.

Mediterraneans, Africans and Native Americans on the other hand had more clement climates. Food was rather plentiful although there were famines at times. But the African diet or the Mediterranean diet did consist of meat and grains, but few vegetables. So the men and ladies burned less fat, thus the genetic predisposition to having more curvy bodies. And there was no cold weather for the body the burn the fat.

Asians and Northern Europeans on the other hand relied more on vegetables and had less meat in their diets, because raising livestock in the bitter icy cold is complicated. So lots of rice and vegetables, coupled with burning fat to fight the cold, means you have a genetic predisposition to being thin.

Two additional notes. First, there has been a great deal of mixing and inter-breeding throughout the last two millennia. The Mongol invasions brought Asian genes all the way to Europe and the Mediterranean. Greek invasions took Mediterranean genes all the way to India. And Northern Europeans of course mixed with Southern Europeans. There was of course mixing between Europeans and Native Americans. And Some Europeans with some Africans.

So this means being Asian does not automatically qualify you to having the “thin” gene. Nor does being African or Indo-Pakistani automatically qualify you to having the “curvy” gene.

Final note: in 2020, gas and electric heating, the prevalence of high-fat, high-sodium and high-sugar food means that the winter is no longer about burning fat. It is about gaining fat, because people tend to exercise less in the winter, stay at home more in the comfort of the heating, and eat more.

But your genes do say something about your diet. Northern Europeans and Asians are more likely to appreciate anything that has lots of vegetables in it, and are more likely to avoid meat or to eat meat in small quantities. And more likely to overindulge in alcoholic beverages.

Africans, Native Americans and people from the Mediterranean are more likely to have diets high in meat and low in fruits and vegetables. Some might even avoid vegetables altogether.

Indo-Pakistanis and Indonesians are more likely to appreciate diets high in high-sodium spices, and diets that contain a lot of saturated fat that they use for cooking.

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