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Ephemeral Life Ephemeral Life
by Nikos Laios
2021-02-02 10:35:06
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Sometimes I could feel it in the air,
A cool breeze blows on a sunny day
And my scalp tingles and I feel
An interconnectedness
With all of humanity.

That at that very moment,
We all felt the sunlight
Or the moonlight
In our private journeys:
A sherpa on a mountainside,
A sailor on the high seas,
A Bedouin under an African night,
A mailman in Brazil making rounds,
A surfer in Sydney riding waves to an orange sunrise,
Dolphins cresting blue waves in the South Pacific,
Smiling fisherman on Ithaca drinking Ouzo thinking of Homer,
A Parisian couple on their deathbed listening to Piaf
With enigmatic smiles holding hands dying,
Having drunk their draught of life.

My scalp tingles and I see it all
In the silence of the moment
And read the secret language of life,
And a cool breeze blows across
My face and summer was ending,
And I committed ephemeral
Moments to eternity.



With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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