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Trip to Spain
by Richard Berman
2007-07-18 09:52:55
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It is always nice to go on holiday to a hot place with great food, a warm sea and lots of things to do. I have been to Spain a few times now and I love it there. This is why I understand why people like to live there. I only have one problem here I am only going to talk about the British because I know that there are people from all over the world that also do it.

Do what?

Move to Spain and open a British Pub or restaurant, that's what. I hate it. Everywhere you go now on the Costa del Sol you can get everything you want from a Full English breakfast to good old bangers and mash. Then there are the pubs, with great names that the owners must take a long time choosing, such as English Pub, British Pub, The London Inn – please, I am sure they could do better then that. Anyway, they are no different than the Spanish pubs, only the names are different.

I know the Germans, Swedes and Finns and maybe many more nationalities also have their own bars and restaurants in Spain, with their flags flying outside to get their fellow country people inside. However, the British have areas in all the towns on the Costa del Sol where they all open shop in the same area. I counted 13 English restaurants and three pubs on the same square in one town, so maybe it is better for business that way so people know where they are.

We went to this area for one reason one night - yes, I miss my English food because I live away from home in Finland, so it is great that I can get this service when I am away on holiday. Good old bangers in a large Yorkshire pudding served with onion gravy! OK, OK, it was two nights because we went back the following night to have fish and chips. As for the rest of the holiday we stuck to the Spanish restaurants, which also serve very tasty cuisine.

What I don't get is the fact that loads of British people are in these pubs and restaurants every night of their holiday, drinking in the same pub: what is fun about that? I love to go into the local places and try to speak to them in very broken Spanish because it's fun. Are they just trying to support the ex-pats or is it a case of they just want to make sure they know what they are eating?

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Richard2007-07-18 11:31:23
Did you really have to use a picture like that now I really do miss a bit of sausage :-)

Thanos2007-07-18 11:53:53
Ha! Next time try ...Corfu!!! Fish and chips in every corner!!!

Asa2007-07-18 12:07:52
Richard, you're welcome!

Eva2007-07-18 16:37:27
This remains a mystery to me. Why do people travel abroad but want it to be exactly like home? Isn't the very point with traveling to a different country to experience something new?

Paparella2007-07-18 18:27:45
It remains a mystery for me too. I used to be the director of a study abroad program and would take some twenty American students to the University of Urbino every summer. I would watch with complete astonishment and dismay how some of those students would travel thirty miles or so to Pesaro, the biggest nearby city, to cathch a big mac from a MacDonald, disregarding the superb cuisine of the University's cafeteria (which was part of their tuition fee). Indeed, while it is nearly impossible to become discriminating when there is no basis of comparison, to do that when a comparison is available is indeed the mystery of human obduracy...

Asa2007-07-18 18:49:56
Travel broadens the mind...but you must have the mind to begin with.

Eva2007-07-18 19:06:32
Unbelievable, Paparella, unbelievable...

Asa2007-07-18 22:03:11
You are right, Eva, it is unbelievable.

I can't believe that Urbino doesn't have a McDonald's!

Paparella2007-07-18 22:21:00
Alas, Asa, it does not have one; for it has only 15,000 permanent residents (excluding the students at the University)and so it has remained pre-modern in culinary matters, i.e., unaffected by the latest post-modern fake food. Some Urbinates would even claim that they have remained civilized as the famous prototype of Renassaince palaces and the Cortegiano of Baldassare Castiglione and Raphael's paintings might indeed still suggest.

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