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Numbed Numbed
by Nikos Laios
2021-01-27 08:26:51
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The cool night
Breeze blows through
The window and lights
Flicker and I dream of
Sunrise and a new tomorrow;
I dream of morning runs
Along the shore
And the sound
Of first trains clattering
Along the tracks
Winding up the coast.

nebulous_dreaming_400I dream of breakfasts
Morning love,
The smell of coffee,
Trains, buses and office blocks,
A flash of sunlight through
The fourteenth floor window,
The blonde secretary
With the big boobs,
The street busker
Playing blues
And the professional
Street bum in front
Of the super market
Sleeping on a mattress
With a hat full of money.

I dream of holidays,
The next date
On a Saturday night,
Mama’s home cooking
And Friday night
With the boys.

I dream of new possibilities
And push the reality
And the uncomfortable truth
Of poverty and conflict
Around the world
Out of mind
As it doesn’t fit
With the narrative
Of my comfortable
Western life.

I dream of tomorrows
Because I have the luxury
Of dreaming of tomorrows;
And I dream of my tomorrows
With lights flickering
From the television screen
With a cold can of beer
In one hand and a bowl
Full of nachos within reach,
Surfing the sports channels
Numbed and anaesthetised
By my comfortable
Western life.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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