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Our World Our World
by Nikos Laios
2021-01-23 10:58:18
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I miss
The waves
The ocean
And the beaches,
I miss the city streets
And boulevards
keyhole_400Bustling city squares
And buskers,
I miss lunchtime shoppers
Pubs & rock bands,
I miss night clubs
And strip clubs
And kebab stands
On a Saturday

I miss cafes
And bookshops
And art galleries,
I miss Fitness First
And late
Night workouts,
I miss the hustle
And bustle
Of a city
Filled with
Human warmth,
I miss taxi stands
And the sound
Of roads filled
With traffic
And the idea
Of people going

I miss football
On a Sunday afternoon
And sports on cable television,
A sexy rendezvous and picnics,
I miss the idea of churches
Packed with human souls
Sending prayers
Up to heaven for
All our salvation,
I miss the sound
Of children playing
In the park.

I miss street protests
And television talk shows
Arguing about politics
And climate change,
I miss lying politicians,
I miss beautiful women
Jogging in the park,
I miss our lost innocence,
I miss international travel
And the ability to
See the world,
I miss our freedoms
And I miss people
Most of all
And how the world
Used to be like
Before this
Virus changed
Our world.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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