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The Hitlerian-Trumpian Yahoos !! The Hitlerian-Trumpian Yahoos !!
by Leah Sellers
2021-01-21 11:26:06
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“Yahoo !!”
“That was the greatest day of my Life, Leroy ! The greatest day of my Life !”
Jethro exclaimed with raucous delight.
“What day, Jethro ? You have an Anniversary or somethin’?”
“Nah, you old Fool or maybe it’ll turn out to be one. Who Knows. But. Nah, I’m talkin’ about the trip to Washington. D.C. that my Huntin’ Buddies and me went to January 6th. We overran the Capitol of these here Untied States of America. !  Yahoo !  And it was a sight to behold !”
jethr0001_400“Does Bessie know that that’s where you were at, instead of the Deer Hunt you told us all about ?” LeRoy queried.
“Nah, and why should I tell her ? That’s Men’s Business. She doesn’t have a right to know anything, but what I Choose to tell her. Anyways, The Boys and me plan to do it again. It’s our Patriotic duty !”
“And why is it your Patriotic duty to tear up America’s Temple of Democracy, Jethro ?”
“Because our great Fuerher, and his Republican Buddies, told us to do so at the Rally we attended earlier that day. That’s why. I served My Country for four years over in Afghanistan, and when your Leader tells you where and when to Charge, you do it. Without question or reservation. You just do it.”
Jethro explained with a surly heaviness.
“The Democrats, the Blacks and Browns stole the Election from Trump. The goody-two-shoes Liberals and their like rigged the Voting Machines, and made Biden and Harris win. So, all of us red-blooded Americans have to Stand Our Ground and Stand Up for what is Right ! Trump is our Guy, and we’ll fight for him. Not with a little ‘ole weak-kneed Protest or Demonstration. Nah, we’ll burn the White House down and the whole dad burned Country with it to keep our man in the White House. Not the Black House or the Red House or the Brown House, but the White Man’s House ! Trump knows that, and that’s why we’re keeping him in Power. Keeping Us White’s in Power !”
“I never realized that you were so Racist, Jethro. But you’re so Racist you’re blinded by it.” LeRoy said softly.
“Jethro, you call yourself a Christian. Why heck, you’re a deacon in your Church. What in the World do you think Christ would have to say about your Racism ? Your Hatred for what you conseider to be The Other ? About your pillaging our great nation’s Temple of Democracy ? About you and your Buddies beating American Police with Flag poles and such ? About y’all being a part of a Terrorist Movement that killed five folks, Policemen included in on that Death Count ?” LeRoy demanded.
“Christ would say that we’re Crusaders, Leroy !”
“You think Christ approved of White Christians takin’ ships over to Brown Jewish and Muslim Lands in order to steal Jerusalem from them in order to put It and Them under White Christian control ? You really think Christ supports such things ?”
“You think Christ supports Pillaging the Sacred Heart and Soul of Countries and their Peoples ? You think Christ supports robbing other Countries and their Peoples money and treasures for your own sense of Superiority, Greed and Power ? You think Christ supports maiming and murdering and mangling the Lives of what you and your cronies consider to be the Other ?” You really think and believe that. Jethro ?”
“Don’t you go puttin’ words in my mouth Leroy ! You’re always doin’ that Mr. Smarty-Pants. I didn’t say any of those things. That all came out of You, not me !” Jethro spit our angrily.
“Jethro, Biden and Harris won the Election Fair and Square. There was no Fraud. That’s just another Trumpian Big Lie. The authorities took a look at the Vote. The Courts took a look at The Vote and they all said say it was Legit. You may be unaware of this, Jethro, but most Americans are sick unto death of Humpty, Dumpty Trumpty ! They think he‘s dangerous to our democracy and they want him OUT !”
“Do not use the Lord’s name in vain, LeRoy or you could get struck down by lightning or a local paramilitary AR-14, Trump has got plenty of supporters in these parts. Just ’cause they don’t admit it to anybody, ‘cause they don’t want to be made fun of or be held account for it, doesn’t mean that they’ll take any guff off of the likes of you or anybody else for that matter.”
“I’m well aware of the underlying threats from Yahoos like you, Jethro. But I’m fed up with all of y’all livin’ out a Big Lie you’re all blinded and hoodwinked by, by folks like Trump who want to manipulate your Fears and Grievances for their own means and ways to their own Profits and Power.”
“I’ve known you all of my Life, Jethro, and I’m just tryin’ to talk some sense into you.”
“Trump and his Budddies Incited all of the Yahoos at his Rally into Violent Insurrection and Treasonous Sedition against these here United States of America. They want a Hitlerian Beer Hall Putsch ! They want to undermine our great Democracy’s Institutions and Laws, because that’s what Hitler and his Gang did in order to instill Chaos, UnCertainty and Mayhem to eventually gain overall Power. They want you to DisTrust the Free Press."
"They want you to DisTrust EveryOne and EveryThing but what their Effigy-King Trumpty blurts out of his petulant and Predatory mewlin’ maw at a minute’s notice.”
“And these violent Seditionists, these Domestic Terrorists that you’re now a part of will probably try to all pay out the wha-zoo for a Trumpian Pardon for all of the damage and death they dole out !” LeRoy stressed accusatorily.
“Trump is not adverse to Bribes. He’s a Sociopathic Con Man. He cares nothing for America the Beautiful. He’s all about Bling and Ching, Jethro, and you’re just another knotch in his belt. That’s all. No more and no less.  He cares nothing about you or your Shootin’ Buddies. He’s Usin’ you, and that’s all there is to it.”
“Republican Congressmen led MAGA tours around the Capitol the day before y’all tore it up and tried to do God knows what to the Democratic Congressmen there. The Terrorist-Seditionists knew just where to go when they were tearin’ up certain offices. And they would have done even more and greater mortal damage if the Capitol Police, who were not helping them in their Insurrectionist efforts, had not mis-directed the Mob elsewhere just in the knick of time.”
“Who told you all of this, Leroy ?”
“It’s on the Free Press News, Jethro. It’s plastered all over the airwaves. We live in the Age of Technology, Buddy. EveryThing all of us Do or Say is on film or somebody’s video or phone SomeWhere. In fact, I even saw your Thuggin’ Mug on the T.V. News. MAGA Cap, Trumpian Flag and all. Nice boots, by the way.”
“Thank you, Bessie bought ’em for me….Oh my, God ! Do you think that Bessie knows I got caught at the Capitol on the T.V. News ?”
“I have no Idea, Jethro. I haven’t spoken to Bessie since I got over my quarantine with the Covid.”
“LeRoy, we’ll have to save this Conversation for another day. I have got to get on home and sort a few things out.”
“Well, good luck with that, Jethro, because I just happen to know that Bessie voted for Biden and Harris. And knowin’ her as I do, she’ll not take kindly to you tryin’ to steal her Vote away from her in the name of Racism and Grievance,” LeRoy answered matter-of-factly.
“In fact, she’s probably gonna’ have some Grievances to expound upon of her very own,” LeRoy chuckled as his Old Friend hightailed it out of the barn, jumped into his Ford pick-up and sped home in a cloud of swirling dust.


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