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Peace Journalism: Signs and Trends Peace Journalism: Signs and Trends
by Rene Wadlow
2021-01-17 11:20:15
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A task of peace journalism is to be able to discern trends and to detect signs of emerging political and social issues. One aspect is what I call "raising a storm warning flag". This is to highlight growing tensions or inappropriate responses to situations which are not yet on the world security agenda - that is, are not being discussed at the United Nations Security Council or not in a regular way leading to action.

jour0001_400A "storm warning flag" example is the political, social and ecological currents in the Sahel states of West Africa. The tensions and difficulties are growing. Increasing the number of French and African Union military troops is not an appropriate response. Another example is the conditions of the Rohingya from Myanmar - an issue on which world response is still not adequate.

A related task is to see signs and trends of a positive nature and to encourage them in all ways possible. I would stress four positive trends that are developing slowly but surely within our world society:

- a deepening of the inner life of individuals in alignment with the Higher Self;

- a greater concern with living in harmony with Nature;

- an awareness of the need to act together on the local, the national, and the world level;

- a growing role of women, their equality and their special contribution to society.

As has been said "good news is no news" so that these positive trends do not have the place in much of the media which they deserve. Our challenge for Ovi is to increase our role in both warning and encouraging. This is the gate which Ovi writers can use to build world-wide awareness


Rene Wadlow, President, Association of World Citizens

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