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Six types of depression and their cures Six types of depression and their cures
by Joseph Gatt
2021-01-11 09:48:07
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There are three basic types of depression. Depression caused by opaque power structures. Depression caused by opaque kinship or companionship structures. And depression caused by opaque individual attributes and structures. And then there are the mixed types.

Here below is what they are, briefly, and how to cure them.

Depression caused by opaque power structures

We human beings are social creatures.

As social creatures, we sometimes end up at the top, or at the bottom of a power structure.

depres01_400Let's say you're a chef at a restaurant. The head chef will get orders from the clients. And the head chef will order other chefs to cook this or that.

When the power structures are opaque or unpredictable, that is when it's not clear who's the boss. Or it's clear who the boss is, but it's not clear what the rules and orders are, and the rules and recipes keep changing all the time, you get depressed individuals.

Opaque power structures can happen within families, within couples, within a group of friends, at schools, or at work organizations.

That is when it's clear who the boss is, but the rules involving how to please that boss are not clear, or it's not clear who the boss is and a group of individuals are involved in power struggles, depression can emerge from those clusters.

How do you cure that?

Either clarify the power structures in ways that make power distribution fair and predictable, and visible. Or move to an organization with transparent power structures and rules.

Depression caused by opaque companionship, friendship and kinship structures

If you hang out with a group of individuals and it's not clear what the role of each individual is, you could end up being depressed.

That is, ideally, within a couple, within a family, within a group of friends or within a group of school mates or co-workers, information should be transparent.

Of course some secrets can be kept. But when there are so many secrets that it's no longer clear who does what or who did what, you can have a depression cluster.

The cure: change the rules of the game and call for more transparency. Hang out with different people.

Depression caused by opaque individual features

This one is a little tricky.

We are all individuals. As individuals, we all have attributes that we are proud of, or that we want to put forward, or that we want to be perceived for.

When the people surrounding you start portraying you in ways that don't match your individual definitions of your ego that can cause depression.

How do you cure that?

In some cases, character assassination is caused by a group of determined individuals. And you should ignore them. Don't read their mail, don't call them. Soon enough, when you stop paying attention to them, they'll stop paying attention to you.

In some cases, character assassination is caused by people who want to “suppress individuality” and by people who believe that everyone should look like everyone else, and everyone should behave like everyone else. That is everyone should be John Doe the plumber. In that case, hang out with a group of people who value your individual traits.

Depression caused by opaque power and kinship structures

Sometimes it's not clear who the boss is, but it's also not clear who the friend is. This state of affairs is called anarchy.

The cure: join a more structured group.

Depression caused by opaque power and individual structures

Sometimes people want to gain power by suppressing individuality. That is they try to turn everyone into John Doe the plumber, so they can control them better.

The cure: join a more transparent group.

Depression caused by opaque kinship and individual structures

Sometimes, to belong to a group, you have to become John Doe the plumber. Otherwise you get bullied by the group for asserting your individuality.

The cure: join groups that treat you like an individual.


Transparent communication is the key to preventing depression, or at least helps prevent depression a great deal.

In transparent structures, the world becomes more or less predictable, which makes the short-term predictable and helps you imagine life in the long-term.

If you feel “stuck” with a group of people, or feel like you are in a “prison” with a group of people, it's often because of opacity and lack of transparency. The opacity makes you imagine worst-case-scenarios, and that causes depression.

Where do you find transparent organizations? First off, you need to be more or less transparent yourself. Transparency and candor will help you join such groups. If you are opaque and unpredictable yourself, you will make other people depressed.

Transparent doesn't mean sharing everyone's evil little secrets and engaging in character assassination about everyone. Transparency means organizing your group of people around predictable structures.

So if you are an opaque individual, or belong to opaque organizations, no amount of yoga and herbal tea will ease your anxiety.

If you belong to transparent organizations, that will do a lot more to ease your anxieties and prevent depression, help you nurture your body and your mind, and help you grow to living the good life.

How do I become a transparent person? Doesn't mean you need to meet a group of people and tell them the whole truth about how you lived your life. It just means telling them the whole truth about what you did yesterday, what you intend to do tomorrow. It's as simple as that.

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