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Fin Elegy - Chapter 2: Fin's Theory. Part 4 Fin Elegy - Chapter 2: Fin's Theory. Part 4
by Christos Mouzeviris
2021-01-03 08:45:01
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Fin slowly stands up while holding his head down, walks towards the darkest part of the room and stands where light and shadow meet, separating the room by creating a border between them. Then he slowly turns back towards Doug, firstly looking straight at him calmly, then towards the window on his left, before walking back to the black armchair.

He places his hand on it, briefly observing it while his hand is feeling its fabric. Fin leisurely sits on it again, while allowing his lean body to sink backwards, as his arms fold and meet on his chest.

His fingers now woven into each other, as his eyes observe Doug who is now rearranging his own body into the bed, with his back towards the bedhead, one leg folded upwards under the white sheet and his left arm resting on his knee.

Doug turns his neck towards Fin as if he nudges him to continue.

-Being spiritual Doug, is different than being faithful or religious. I do not understand why you always must separate the dogmas you people create, while trying to prove which one is better. It is like trying to constantly debate which is a better way of cooking your food and heating your house, gas, or electricity.

chapter_2__two_elemental_mermaids_400“Both have their advantages and disadvantages but in the end of the day, they do the same job. I would not sit down and debate too extensively about which energy is better to use, since both damage the environment one way of another, yet they are a necessity to you,” says the dark cladded entity.

-Spirituality is about knowing instinctively what is right or wrong and abiding by the rules that will achieve balance between them. If you could learn to think this way by yourselves, then you would not need spiritual leaders. However, most of you need constantly guidance, even though deep down you know where you have been at fault.

“This is why humanity is still imperfect but developing Doug. You know that too much waste is bad for the environment, yet you cannot figure out a way of dealing with the problem. You are aware of the hazard of drug abuse; however, this doesn’t stop you from falling into this trap,” Fin continues.

Doug lowers his eyes and sinks into his thoughts. His face expresses annoyance and awareness at the same time. He is ashamed; yet he feels that he needs to defend himself. An overwhelming bitterness settles in his guts and he looks towards the door.

-You do not understand, you are not human. You’ve never known how it feels to have to find a purpose in your life, get on with other people that place a pile of expectations on you, fit in a society that you never chose to belong to and all that for what? So that you eventually die one day anyway.

-But I do understand Doug. I have been watching humans since the beginning of time. I have been by yours and every other person who ever existed side since birth. I am your shadow; I exist because all of you and the so called “creation” exist.

Doug now quickly turns his head and attention towards Fin, with eyes wide open from surprise. He observes the shadowy face lighten up, paler than ever, with the green lights returning instantly into his sockets, placing his elbows on the arms of the furniture while holding them upwards, grinning.

“And not only that, but I am comprised of all your vices, negative thoughts and evil deeds. I am the personification of the dark side of humanity and everything else living on your planet and beyond. I exist because light exists and because humans need me to hide their weaknesses, instead of allowing them to come into the open and be cleansed,” Fin states.

Doug interrupts him, as he lifts his right arm and extends it towards him with his palm facing the dark entity. His face expresses a bewilderment as his mind is going on overdrive of thoughts, which are hard to express or process all at once.

-You say humans “need” you? How can we need something that is already there, something that we have no power or choice over, since as you claim you are our shadow?

-Doug, you were not listening earlier. “Evil” as I explained, is not a goat hoofed entity that walks around the earth and tries to find ways to trick people into doing bad things. It exists in every one of you, it is part of who you are, like your shadow. But you have a choice, that moral compass I was referring earlier in you, it is just easier to ignore it.

Like children that want to be mischievous yet not willing to accept the consequences, you personify all your negative qualities as a god or a demon, trying to shift the responsibility and blame away from yourselves.

Fin is continuing to describe to an increasingly curious Doug, how the darkness harbours anything negative in people’s psyche. Things that humans want to hide or suppress, just to fit in the society they are living, to disguise their true nature or the truth, which needs the cosmic luminescence to manifest itself.

-Bad people fear the light in others, their genuine character, happiness, love, and kindness. They cannot handle it, because it shines and exposes their weaknesses, failures, vices, and the secrets they wish to hide. If they allow all these to come into the open, they will have to face them and reconfigure a new image to adopt in their social lives.

“If you stand out by any means,” Fin continues, “you unwillingly become the light that unveils those weaknesses of these individuals, that so desperately they wish to forget or conceal. They have become toxic, more disfigured than any “demon” which the human fantasy has created.”

“Thus, you become a target for them to pour all their hatred, complexes, and toxicity in any form they can; an “advice”, or by mocking, bullying or hindering your efforts in anyway,” he explains.

-They chose to comply with the social norms so anyone who does not, aggravates them because he reminds them of the choices they avoided making, or the chances they missed out just to fit in. It makes them aware of the lives that they really wanted for themselves.

This extends to any authoritarian regime or institution, religious dogma or oppressive government and rule. The one thing they all have in common, is trying to suppress the “enlightened” ones, the free thinkers, those who speak the truth or reject any wrongs and injustices done by the “system,” which of course was set up by imperfect human beings. It all comes down to the dark side of your kind’s psyche Doug.

-But then Fin, you are talking about human societies. Isn’t this the obvious price that you must pay for choosing to live in one? You ought to comply with certain rules and you constantly have to compromise. Otherwise you are better off living in the wilderness.

-Ah, the human society, yes. Look, I am not talking about choices of lifestyle only Doug, this goes beyond status, family, career, marriage, and cohabitation. It is the way you deal with life itself and whatever throws at you.

Suddenly the two men paused and just looked at each other briefly. They both instinctively knew what was coming next. Their otherworldly acquaintance would have no meaning or purpose, without this process.

Doug nervously looked down towards the end of the bed and for an instant his mind wondered off to all the people he left behind. A sense of guilt, regret, fear, and anxiety settled comfortably in his abdomen, as he realised that Fin's intentions were not confined solely in explaining to him the way the universe works.

He felt alone on a stage, with all the spotlights pointed at him. Something that in his human life often craved, yet now he knew that there will not be an applause or expression of admiration at the end, as he was accustomed.

Fin sensed Doug's fear that changed his mood. He arose slowly from the armchair, walked with large steps towards the bed and pulled the sheet that was covering Doug's naked body away. He threw it with a quick move at Doug's feet, as he joined him in bed.


The painting: Two Elemental Mermaids that accompanies the text, is Christos Mouzeviris’ creations.


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