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by David Sparenberg
2020-12-31 10:14:09
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par0001_400_01Eventually it was revealed that under the magnificent armor of the Red Knight, Parzival remained in the clothes of a fool, even as his mother had dressed him when he first rode into the world. Observing mockingly, the attendant queen said to the young warrior, “You are crazy!” “How should I not be both fool and crazy?” Parzival replied. “I am the one who failed to ask the question of questions and my suffering in consequence shall be a long ordeal.”

If at first meeting, Parzival had asked the Fisher King, “What ails you?’ the royal fisherman would have answered, “I have a wound. The wound has crippled me. It is the nature of this crippling that has left me impotent. From my impotence the land is desolation, not garden—the land is waste.” But to have asked without the quest of years would have, of course, been astonishment, a superhuman achievement.

Yet over time it was Parzival who would come to highest honor at Arthur’s Round Table, who would ask at last the question and heal the wound of the Fisher King, who would dispel the curse, returning the Waste Land to abundant life, and would himself, with quest fulfilled, become a new King of the Grail Castle.

This is a brief synopsis of the epic poem PARZIVAL by Wolfram von Eschenback. Those who are initiated into the teachings of Alchemy—the union of opposites, the philosopher’s stone, the elixir—whether directly from manuscripts or through the depth psychology interpretations of Jung, Von Franz, and others, will find it easy enough to read between the lines and flush out the story of this Medieval Romance, thereby putting into place the missing key puzzle pieces. For those not familiar, in delight I recommend two helpful readings. First is the groundbreaking classic FROM RITUAL to ROMANCE by Jessie Weston. The other, more contemporary, being a collection of Joseph Campbell’s posthumous essays on the subject: ROMANCE of the GRAIL The Magic and Mystery of Arthurian Myth. Regardless of your approach to the individualization process, I admonish you to flush all restrains and references to Wagner from your memory. True Parzival comes from the wild woods to Arthur’s court in Avalon, but not via Bayreuth.


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