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AMERICA December 2020 AMERICA December 2020
by David Sparenberg
2020-12-24 09:30:03
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I went among the crowds.  I stood in the Valley of Dry Bones.  The voice of conscience cried out of me, “Shall these dry bones rise again?”  I could not answer.

amer001_400_01A heaviness of hatred lay over the valley.  Hatred flashed from hostile eyes, flowed in spasms with people’s breath.  Love was beaten, trampled down in street politics.  Love was unwelcomed at every door, along corridors, in public spaces, and in every heart.

I said aloud to passing gangs and roaming mobs, “Without love is resurrection possible?”  Painfully there I added, “Can a house divided stand?”  The question was a wound I shared with time.  My voice went unheard in the maelstrom of cursing, amid the welter of animosity and erupting violence.

Aggrieved and aggressive shadows gathered in victory to darkness.  A pall weighed ominously over monuments, buildings of governance, the national mall, and across the valley of living death—bones of generations stayed high one failure upon another.

The rending continues.  No side appears willing to give decency a change.  Race, a pestilence affecting the blood of the people.  Accusations and counter accusations fly amid the brandishing of guns—the sounding of gunfire, the invasive brutality of blood spurting knives.
A child of the alt-right, in a wagon pulled by a parent dressed in undertaken black, clutches a sign reading, “100 more years!”. Epitaph for the death of democracy.


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