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Majesty of the soul Majesty of the soul
by Nikos Laios
2020-12-24 09:29:54
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In my dark heart
Lies the majesty of my soul,
In my dark thoughts
birth_of_a_new_soul_400Lies the possibility of life
Filled with the force
Of the sun vibrating
In every molecule
Of my being.

I feel the majesty
Of the sunlight
Filtering through
The mist rising up over
The waterfall crashing
Into the lush green below.

I feel the nobility
Of the trees in the forest
Green and tall bristling
Gently swaying
With the morning sun
Filtering through
Like a cathedral
Casting dappling pools
Of light on the
Forest floor

I feel the seething
Violence of the
Blue oceans
Deep and salty
Embracing the world
Churning filled with life.

I feel humanity
Crawling on the skin
Of the earth
Like ants,
Living and dying
Over the millennia
With hands raised
Up to the sky
Their invisible gods.

I feel the sweetness
Of love rising up
From the earth
In the morning dew
Like a beacon,
A torch, the one  
Place In the universe
Where love exists.

It is love
That defines us,
It is love that makes
Us feel immortal
For a brief moment,
That lights up
Our dark hearts
And our dark thoughts,
And only through love
Can we achieve redemption
And a oneness with the
Universe and the cosmos;
To live and die in the sweet
Loving embrace of Mother Earth.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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