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You cannot ...cancel Christmas You cannot ...cancel Christmas
by Thanos Kalamidas
2020-12-25 10:49:01
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I am definitely not the right person to talk about the religious influence of Christmas to people. Still I do understand the message and somehow I applaud the impact it has to the global spirit and mentality, especially in Europe and Americas.

thachr001_400But then the last few weeks I’m overwhelmed from all kinds of media, especially internet and television with ….cancelled Christmas. Boris Johnson cancelled Christmas, Joe Biden wants to cancel Christmas, Merkel did cancel Christmas.

And when you read that you think, oh gosh Christmas has moved on August the 16th, of even better, merry was cancelled not only grief. What about peace on earth? That cancelled as well? Now only war?

What about love, family and happiness? All cancelled?

But NOOOOO! They are not talking about peace on earth, love, family and happiness; they are talking about ….pubs! And restaurants. And retails! They are talking about shopping, eating and drinking but mainly drinking. So it’s not about peace on earth but about merry our belly. Is not about love and family but about a pint of ale and a glass of gin or vodka. Is not about giving but about spending. Is not about faith but about consuming.

But then again who am I to speak? An atheist. Obviously good Christians know better and they feel that without pubs Christmas is cancelled. All spiritual!

I don’t want to patronise or preach but what we need this moment among everything else is peace, love and health and if it takes closed pubs shut them all up for Christmas sake! And instead of the latest iPhone or IPod for you kid try to give them some time and love. They will remember it for ever while next month they most likely ask you for the newest model of the iPhone you bought them for Christmas.

So, Merry Christmas to all of you, believers or not because the message remains:

Peace on earth, love, health and happiness for you and your family.

And try to remember there are poor, dispirit and homeless people all around us, everywhere; so let’s make a better world for all of us, that should never be cancelled!

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