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Fin Elegy - Chapter 2: Fin's Theory. Part 2 Fin Elegy - Chapter 2: Fin's Theory. Part 2
by Christos Mouzeviris
2020-12-19 11:18:33
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Fin resumes his intellection, while Doug moves closer to him, by positioning himself towards the edge of the bed on the right. He was willing to take all this seriously and allow Fin to get his point across. Besides, he might be a non-human entity from another dimension, but it is the closest he has been to someone for a while.

“As I was saying, everything that you see or feel is the result of the elements plus their energy, or its absence and mutations; the matter and antimatter theory, as your scientists have discovered,” Fin resumes.

“Energy is often manifested by heat or light. And all material things or individuals possess their own shadow, when surrounded by light. This is something tangible that humans see and understand,” he continues.

chapter_2__two_elemental_mermaids_400-What they cannot comprehend though is that energy is always linked to shadow as it mutates from one state to the other: from electricity to light for example. I am shadow, so for me to exist there must be a source that produces light. This energy comes from the mutation of matter or other energy in various forms.

Wood is burned and consumed by fire, producing energy in the form of heat and light. In its turn, heat transforms water by boiling it into steam, which may help cook and alter the substance of a vegetable. This process also creates shadows, as the fire crackles and burns.

Humans see the material world and feel the energy that surrounds them, in any form abovementioned. You are also capable in sensing shadow energies that are emitted by some processes. Some are linked to different dimensions and they escape the physical world you live in. But it does not mean they do not exist.

“So, if you are shadow Fin, where is the light that creates you,” asks Doug that is now getting more interested in Fin’s theories, while examining his companion more closely for clues or answers.

“That is the correct question Doug, and I am glad you start getting the point,” says Fin.

- “Let there be light,” your “god” commanded in the Bible’s Genesis 1 chapter, right? Also, when most people go through a near death experience, they claim that they see a light in the end of a tunnel, waiting for them to go through it.

This “light” could be a cosmic entity that wished to manifest itself in some way, shifting from matter to energy, creating more types which are being recycled, from one state of existence to another. The result of this entity’s self-awareness is the creation of the universe and ultimately planet Earth and all its inhabitants, whether be humans, animals, plants, and minerals.

“So, Fin what you are telling me is that when we say that God created us, is that we are a by-product of the constant fluctuation of this entity’s manifestation, either as matter or energy. That this “entity” is self-aware and includes us all in itself, we are part of it together with everything that has been created in the whole universe by it,” Doug excitedly observes.

“Precisely!” says Fin. “Your deities are not some heavenly individuals that sit down on a cloud and watch or judge you from above; they have created you just like the Earth has created all life forms out of itself. You are part of the whole, just like brain cells are part of your body,” he adds.

-Think of how life on your planet has started, some four billion years ago. All it existed back then was matter and energy, mainly in the form of light or heat. That allowed oxygen to be created and escape into the atmosphere, which in turn established favourable conditions for photosynthesis and the first unicellular microorganisms to come into existence.

“Matter and energy are turning themselves into life, becoming self-aware,” whispers Doug nodding to Fin, as he starts understanding and enjoying this surreal conversation he is having with a non-human entity.

“Similarly,” Fin continues, as he becomes more confident and excited that Doug finally follows his route of thought, “whenever light or positive energy is being created, they produce a shadow in their turn when they deflect on matter. In your world this shadow is visible as darkness, but in the cosmic dimension of this conscious “light”, we get a negative energy coming into existence.”

“And here is where I come from.” Fin stops and looks at Doug who is directly staring back at him, partially in awe although mixed with fear.

“So, you are what now… an evil spirit of some sort?” Doug asks cautiously.

“You expect me to grow horns and start torturing you for all eternity, as I am devouring your soul Doug,” asked back a very amused and smirking Fin.

And just for an instant, two of his hair strides shoot out of his forehead like horns, as a black forked tongue, briefly popped out his austere lips. His eyes’ pupils dilated, before settling into a vertical position like a cat’s. Sensing Doug’s shock and adrenaline in his blood, Fin swiftly morphed back into a more feminine version of the appearance which Doug was already familiar, as he teasingly smiled.

“Fear not, your depictions of angels and demons are not real, at least not in the way you have been taught in your classrooms by your teachers or your spiritual leaders,” says Fin.

-The battle between good and evil is nothing more than a struggle of balance, between all the recurring mutations of matter and energy. When something is being consumed by fire, its ashes need to be reintroduced into the environment and the physical world. That creates a temporary imbalance, which needs to be phased out by the participation of many other elements or factors, organic or not.

“Wherever there is light there is a shadow. Light cannot exist without creating darkness, which in return cannot exist without light in the first place. Good and evil are as attached as you are with your shadow, when walking in your physical world. Just like the court figures of a playing card game have dual appearances, joined yet looking apart, so are these spirits which you perceive as good or evil,” explains Fin.

“You mean that God and the Devil are the same thing,” Doug interrupts.

-No, Doug. I mean that they cannot exist without the other, just as light cannot be refrained from creating shadows all around it. I am darkness; therefore, I am a shadow

However, I can never exist without the shine from the cosmic light; hence I am grateful for its existence. I do however envy and occasionally come into conflict with it, but the situation is not as dramatic as you believe.

“Most of the times our “battles,” are nothing more than the playful conflict between the sun’s rays and the shadows they create when they contact the inhabitants of your physical world. It is just an inevitable tug-of-war which exists, so that the balance of everything is kept in the universe,” says Fin.

“So, all these stories about Heaven and Hell in our holy books, are not true then Fin,” asks Doug.

“These two dimensions exist, but again, it is nothing like you understand them to be. You would experience Hell if you died tonight without going through this process. If you never accepted your death, acknowledged your mistakes, or discovered your true nature and self, baring all that you are to the light, after embracing your inner darkness. You would continue tormenting yourself by hiding forever in the shadows,” Fin explains.

-Hmmm. And what about heaven then, how can I end up there and find peace, if that is the case?

-Simply by doing the opposite from the above, going through this process and cleansing yourself from all your past omissions. In this way, you come to terms with all the events that led you astray from your path in this room, right now.

“Heaven is the place that allows your inner spirit to shine again, while being able to join that cosmic “light” that we were speaking off earlier. Or in some certain circumstances, be recycled into a new, better state of existence that becomes a beacon for other souls to navigate towards during their journey,” Fin continues.

“You speak of reincarnation then Fin. I thought all this was new-age nonsense,” Doug abruptly questions.

-There will be no other Doug Kelly ever again, in all eternity. This life is all you get, sorry. If you die tonight and progress to your heavenly state, or if you fail through the process and you enter “Hell”, your either bad or good energy will be recycled, just as your body will be turned into soil, dust, food for other organisms etc.


The painting: Two Elemental Mermaids that accompanies the text, is Christos Mouzeviris’ creations.


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