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Odyssey of Imagination Odyssey of Imagination
by Nikos Laios
2020-12-14 09:58:08
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I followed
My thoughts
As they floated
Out through the
Billowing curtains
And the half closed
Blue door shutters
Onto the balcony.

the_eye_of_the_world_400I watched as they
Curled themselves
Under the Cycladic
Sun shinning
Next to the pink
Splashed against
The whitewashed walls
And the green cactus plants
Glistening in ceramic pots
Next to strings of garlic bulbs
And red chilli peppers hanging
From opened blue window shutters
As the old woman peeled potatoes.

I followed my thoughts
As they floated out
Through the sleepy
Sunday streets
Past the mouthwatering
Aromas from the bakeries,
And the chiming church bells,
And the foaming blue water swells
That soak the yellow sands
That ring the island.

I followed my thoughts
As they swam in the sea
Like dolphins and
Sunned themselves
On a desolate beach
Next to a rusted anchor
And an ancient boat shed.

I followed my thoughts
As they rose to the heavens
And circled the globe,
I followed my thoughts
In their odyssey of

I lost myself
In my thoughts
And my imagination,
And my soul soared
And expanded
And I learned much,
And felt much.

I considered
My thoughts
The richest
Things that
I possess.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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