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Fin Elegy - Chapter 2:  Fin's Theory. Part I Fin Elegy - Chapter 2: Fin's Theory. Part I
by Christos Mouzeviris
2020-12-13 11:12:18
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For a moment there was silence between the two. Then Doug turned towards Fin, with a child’s eyes that has just realised how bold and naughty it was, seeking forgiveness, love, and acceptance by its parents.

“So, this is how it is Fin. No light at the end of the tunnel, paradise or hell, angels, demons, and the final judgement. I do not get to be welcomed by my loved ones who have already died. Where is God in all this,” Doug wondered.

“First of all my friend, you are not dead yet in the real world, but you are dying. Therefore, you are not ready to pass to the next stage of your existence. You need to go initially through a type of purgatory.” Fin turns his face towards Doug and continues with his explanation.

chapter_2__two_elemental_mermaids_400-If you die tonight, your spirit will be able to move on to the next phase, cleansed from the burden of its past actions by acknowledgment. But if you live, you will return to your former state with a much greater awareness, to start a new way of life; a more enlightened one.

“I’ve always thought that this procedure takes place only after you are dead, but you are judged by angels or some kind of heavenly entities,” said Doug.

-Yet you do not seem to be one of them Fin, not in the traditional depiction of your kind that we humans have anyway.

“Doug, there are a lot of things that your kind has got right about “god” or your existence and even more so, too many that got completely wrong. During the millennia that humans walk the earth, you went from believing in many gods to just one in most religions, wrote thousands of books about your spirituality, yet you insist on seeing things very one-sided,” Fin replies.

-Ok, that is a bit too generic and vague to me, you will have to elaborate and make an extra effort here. What do you mean?

-I mean that religion and spirituality are an integral part and interconnected with science, something that you so fiercely try to separate. And I do not understand why. There is a single rule for everything in the universe, which either you like it or not, yourselves and all your deities are part of and must abide by.

“I can’t believe that during my purge and preparation for my afterlife, I will have to sit in a bed, talking science and religion with a Goth looking dude from another dimension. Instead of, let us say, being judged for my sins and past mistakes, being forced to repent, or beg for forgiveness by demonic entities,” Doug jokes.

“Hahaha”. Fin laughed loudly, as he slowly got out of the bed and walked towards the window. He stood there for a while looking at the stars, leaving Doug staring at him, yearning for his response. Suddenly he noticed a star shining brighter than the others, as if it was approaching to inspect him. He felt its light briefly on his face, before fading back into the sky.

He then turned around, dragged the black armchair closer to the bed and sat on it, looking back at Doug. While resting his arms on the furniture, he joined them and entangled his fingers near his chest. He then took a deep breath before started talking again.

-Everything you believe, or think you know about the so called “god,” is only part of the truth, that your human religious leaders came up with, to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. And of course, cement their power and influence over you.

“There is no man up there, old and wise that walks about through the universe creating stuff,” Fin explains. “You have figured out that “he” lives all around you and that is everywhere, because that is the reality. But what you fail to realise is that yourselves and everything else that you share your planet with, is part of this entity, you are all part of a “whole.”

-You see humanity as a species is very insecure. You are indeed a marvel of the evolutionary process, which sets you apart from anything else on Earth. But like the brain cells, although far more complicated and developed than those which form your hair, you cannot live separated from the rest of the body.

It simply would not make sense for brain cells to do so. Yet you have gained a type of conscience that although is unique in the animal world, it created a big question in you; why are we here and what do we do with the time that has been given to us?

“Who do we answer to or have to be grateful, for this unique ability we have of being self-aware,” Fin describes, while moving his hands like a teacher as he stares at Doug, who is now mesmerised by all the information that bombards his own brain.

“All you have to do is think like brain cells do in your own body,” he continues. “They do not go and get depressed about their purpose in it or get arrogant, for being far superior to a fingernail or a blood cell.”

-They simply do their job, which is to coordinate the rest of the body and its functions, analysing the stimulants that they receive from the outside or within it and prepare a response.

You are similar caretakers of this planet, in which you are an integral part Doug. You have responsibility to coordinate and control its resources, yet you have taken it upon yourselves to monopolise and exploit everything else, to the point of their destruction.

Your insecurity leads to arrogance and confusion, which as I will explain later have caused a lot of damage to the natural order of things, affecting every living human.

The “god” you are seeking and are afraid so much of “his” judgement, can be found within and all around you. Everything that is of matter has energy and these two together are the main components of the universe, your world, mine, and “god” himself.

Matter and energy have been in an eternal mutation, and their constant alteration is what has created us all. Light and darkness, the void and all material things, your planet plus everything that lives on it, must abide by the simple rules of physics and chemistry.

“Fin, I am not sure where all this is going. To be honest I never had the chance to talk to my friends about any of these things before, so your analysis although very interesting, fails to seem very appropriate, given my current circumstances.” Doug looked at Fin, with an apologetic expression for interrupting him, while also pressing for a more meaningful conversation that was related to him.

Fin stopped for a while, staring back at Doug who was now holding his chin with his left hand and looking towards the door, realizing that he was lost in this monologue. The entity then stood up, nervously walked towards the end of the bed, and returned to sit at the armchair.

“Ok, I will continue a bit more, in order for to you get an idea of how things work in the universe, before I link the conversation to your circumstances and how they led you to be here,” Fin said.

“Fine, I am listening,” Doug replied, almost with an attitude of a kid, waiting for its parents to finish their lecturing.

-As I was saying, humanity is part of this world, which is a segment of something greater-the solar system and the universe-which is part of something even bigger that as your scientists have discovered is vast and is expanding.

You have also discovered the other end of things, the microcosms that comprise anything material, including you. Elements form chemical reactions; whose result is the creation of matter and energy.

You are aware of the similarity between the universe, plus how it is structured or kept together and the way the molecules, atoms, neutrons, and protons connect or react with each other. It is very similar to the way the different planets or galaxies behave.

There is a balance and harmony between everything, from the smallest of the atoms to the largest of the galaxies. This balance is in place by several forces that keep them in their place, like gravity, electricity, and nuclear energy.

In the case of live and sentient beings, such as humans and animals, these forces manifest differently, like senses, feelings, or emotions.

“You got me lost there again Fin, sorry. What do physics and chemistry got to do with me and my situation, to what you describe as my purgatory,” Doug interrupts stingily.

-I am trying to explain how erroneously you humans perceive things and why so many of you are losing their way. I will try to hasten and bypass the scientific stuff and move as quickly as possible, to the relevance of all this to you.


The paintings: Temptation Within in the Cover and Two Elemental Mermaids that accompanies the text, are Christos Mouzeviris’ creations.


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