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Trump's planned randomness   Trump's planned randomness
by Thanos Kalamidas
2020-11-28 09:08:55
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In politics and despite to what we see in the surface even from a sociopath like Donald Trump, there is always a plan, a strategy. Things don’t happen randomly even though luck and calamities occasionally have a part to play. Consequently, there is absolutely nothing random in Trump’s persistence that 2020 elections that brought Biden in power were ringed and it all has to do with the day after.

In 2016, there was very little anticipation, even inside Trump’s campaign, that he would win the elections against Hillary Clinton. Not for ideological reasons or because he lacked support from the Republican Party or better the Tea Party component of the Republican Party but because the man was the quintessence of corruption as a privateer and everybody -including his very inner cycle, knew it. Yet, he won. Perhaps it wasn’t him who won but Hillary who lost since for many she looked even more corrupted than him.

trucorr001_400Nevertheless many believed that old corrupted privateer Trump will change under the weight of a nation’s responsibility into Donald Trump the 45th President of USA. Somehow expectedly didn’t work this way and this old dog refused to learn new traits including the meaning of democracy. Actually, I among many others believe that bankrupt Trump turned into the billionaire Trump he always dreamt to be, thanks to his four years presidency. The feeling that he had a “side office” next to the Oval Office, doing business for the Trump enterprises is not exclusive mine and signs have shown that it is not a conspiracy theory. After all he used the presidential powers to move against political foes for personal profit why to limit himself only to politics when his life work was into making money?

But while the presidency gave him immunity and certain legal protections the same time it made him visible, exposed and target. Now everybody knows his tricks and his vulnerabilities. And they are waiting for him. From the underpaid Mexican undocumented immigrant gardener in Mar-a-Lago to the carpenter of the Old Post Office Hotel in Washington D.C. and from Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance there hundreds of cases waiting for him to finish with the presidency and his immunity. They are literally surrounding him already like vultures over a carcass.

Trump is in serious trouble with all these cases. Moneywise and starting with IRS, hundreds of millions will go in penalties and compensations. After all nobody believes that Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal – among of tens more - are after him to restore their honour but to make a few extra millions. Even the Scottish government talks about financial scandals with his Scottish golf-club, penalties and compensations.

Then falsified business records and payoffs might cost a few more hundreds of millions but they will also bring prison time for Donald Jr. and Eric Trump and perhaps for Jared who also involved in many other suspicious and punishable acts with or without Trump family. There is always a prison cloud over Don himself which might be very faint but is there. On top of that all Trump family has turned into social pariahs everywhere outside Mar-a-Lago. Trump is in front of a financial catastrophe to the point of personal bankruptcy and time in prison for him and members of his family. The ultimate fall of the mighty.

Still there is a chance. If the whole thing turns into a political circus so big that will scare everybody and the pressure will become so tense that will demand political interference. 73,912,552, nearly 74 million votes can do exactly that! Can turn a criminal case into political witch hunt and become Trump’s out of jail card. That’s the plan and that’s why Trump will never accept the results or concede Biden’s victory. For him it is literally case of life or death. He must save his money and his ass doesn’t matter what will happen to the American democracy.

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