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UEF's 20 international Master's degree programmes start inviting applications on 1 December UEF's 20 international Master's degree programmes start inviting applications on 1 December
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2020-11-28 09:07:36
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The application round for the University of Eastern Finland’s Master's degree programmes taught in English opens on Tuesday 1 December 2020 and closes on Wednesday 20 January 2021. Finnish and international applicants with a suitable Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification may apply for the programmes.

uneafin001_400The December-January application round covers 20 Master's degree programmes. A new addition to the available programmes is the multidisciplinary Master’s Degree Programme in Pedagogy and Teaching for Sustainability, which introduces approaches to education and learning and teaching that promote sustainable development. In addition to the international Master's degree programmes available to applicants via the University of Eastern Finland’s December-January application round, four other jointly-run international Master's degree programmes are available via the application rounds of other universities.

Studying in an international environment and the keys to employment success

Students on the University's international master's programmes go on to become the kinds of experts required in both the domestic and international labour markets, as well as future researchers. An example of a programme with a strong research orientation is the Master’s Degree Programme for Research Chemists, whereas programmes such as those in the fields of IT, tourism, and business have close connections with working life. All programmes do, however, include the option to continue onto postgraduate studies upon graduation.

In total, there are international degree students from around 100 different countries. This makes for a truly international learning environment and offers a unique opportunity to develop one’s language proficiencies and network with students from a wide range of backgrounds. Teaching on the international Master’s degree programmes often takes place in small groups in some of Finland’s highest quality learning environments, which makes for a truly interactive study experience. For Finnish students, completing an international Master's degree can be a distinct advantage when entering working life.

Applicants require a Bachelor's degree

Both Finnish and international applicants can apply for Master's programmes taught in English. You can also apply for several programmes at the University of Eastern Finland with a degree from a university of applied sciences, but it is worth checking the programme-specific requirements on the website of each Master's programme before you submit your application. Students who graduate during the spring or summer are also eligible to apply, as long as they have completed their qualification before commencing Master’s studies. The majority of the programmes commence in September 2021.

There are no tuition fees to pay for Finnish students and all students from EU/EEA countries, as well as those from Switzerland. There is an annual tuition fee for students from other countries. This varies between programmes, from EUR 8,000 to 10,000. The University of Eastern Finland has partial (50–70%) tuition waivers for students who are currently paying tuition fees. In addition, in the second year of study, programmes can award scholarships based on students' academic success. There are scholarships also available under the Erasmus Mundus programmes.

A large proportion of students on the University of Eastern Finland’s international Master’s degree programmes are international students, which makes the internationalisation level of the programmes as a whole very high. The University is targeting continued development of its internationalisation activities and available study options. There are currently around 850 international students enrolled on the University of Eastern Finland’s degree programmes, which corresponds to around 6% of the total number of degree students.

Further information:
Head of Student Services and Admissions Erja Widgrén-Sallinen, tel.+358 40 355 6004 or e-mail erja.widgren-sallinen(at)uef.fi

More information on UEF’s international Master’s degree programmes is available online at www.uef.fi/masters

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