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A Breath of Fresh Air In and Out of the Trumpian Chicken Coop A Breath of Fresh Air In and Out of the Trumpian Chicken Coop
by Leah Sellers
2020-11-27 11:21:55
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“Well, look at you, Cheyenne,” Cheyenne’s Mama said with genuine surprise. “I have never known you to volutarily pick up the hen’s eggs out of the Chicken Coop without my having to threaten a grounding, Little Missy.”
Cheyenne smiled impishly as she continued to collect Hen Eggs from each Nesting Box. “I’m trying to be a better American Citizen, Mama.”
“How’s that ?”
turtr001_400“I have been reading the Newspaper from front to back for my online Civics Class each and every day. And one of the articles in the editorial column said that President Trump was creating a Coup. And everyone knows that only Chickens live in Coops. Imagine that, Mama. Who would have guessed that President Trump and his Family raised Chickens ? I wonder where they keep their Coop though, because I have never seen any photos of any Chicken Coops around the White House.”
Cheyenne’s Mama paused. She did not want her Precious One’s excitement over being a Good Citizen to be diminished by some very unhappy Truths, but neither did she want her twelve year old Child to be uneducated about a few facts concerning America’s wayward President.
“Cheyenne, I think the article you read was talking about a governmental and cultural Coup, not a Chicken Coop. And I think that this President would raise Predatory Chicken Hawks over the Chickens those Hawks terrorize and victimize every chance they get.”
“Mama, what is governmental and cultural Coup ?”
“It’s when an Authoritarian Ruler and his cronies and allies decide not to give up their governmental and cultural Power and access to the Riches of the World due to the Misuse and Abuse of their personal and societal Ethics and Morals, and cultural and governmental Powers.”
“When Public Servants, like the President and the Congressional Republican Party break their Oaths to the American Constitution and to God Almighty to Serve and Protect the American People and American Interests (other than just their own interests) they’re afraid of getting caught and punished if they fall out of Power. So it becomes very important for them to hold onto Power not only to continue to milk America and her People for everything they can, but to avoid getting caught doing the milking.”
“Is every President guilty of doing such things Mama ? Of milking America and stealing the Hen Eggs like some ’ole wiley Coyotes when the President and his people are supposed to be Protecting Her and making sure she stays Healthy, Wealthy and Wise ?” Cheyenne asked pointedly.
“In a manner of speaking, yes, Cheyenne. That’s what Servant Leaders do. They’re like Good Shepherds who Protect and Guide their flocks from the Wolves to Safe, Peaceful valleys of green grass and cool, still waters. They are not supposed to BeCome the very Wolves devouring the Sheep.”
“Is President Trump a Predator, Mama ? Is he a Halloween, bloodsucking Vampire ? I watched a horror show during Halloween about Vampires, and the policeman in the movie called them Predators,”
“In my book, he is. He was raised to be one, and he raised his children to be the same. They arrogantly feel as though they have a Right to suck the life’s blood out of others. Just look at how they’ve handled this Covid 19 Pandemic. It’s turned into a Culling. Why ? Because getting sick is a weakness, and nothing draws Predators like weakness. That’s why he’s so terrified of Losing. He’s a Super-Predator. He knows what Predators do when they smell blood in the water.”
“That’s Sharks, Mama. They’re the ones that swarm and go crazy when there’s blood in the water. I don’t think Chicken Hawks, WereWolves or Vampires do that,” Cheyenne corrected her Mama matter-of-factly.
“Cheyenne’s Mama smiled, “I stand corrected. I do believe you are right about that, Cheyenne.”
“However, I do not want You to worry too much about the future, Cheyenne. Even though Trump and his cronies and the Republicans are doing everything they can to poison their Followers minds against our Voting System’s legitimacy, just like they do in Dictatorial Banana Republics, and pulling out of more International Agreements leaving our Allies vulnerable and disappointed, and spreading Twisted Lies and Fake Innuendos and False Rumors all over the Television and Radio and Computer through his, and his cronies and allies, Propaganda Channels and Stations and Social Media Sites like they do in Russia and China, and deliberately trying to mess up our Economy and International Affairs even further, and pardoning all of the Criminals that have worked for him, including himself before he leaves office, and refusing to Concede his Office that he Lost by over 6 million Votes to the President Elect, Joseph Biden and his Vice President Elect, Kamala Harris. Because America will be in very Good Hands, Hearts, and Minds with the Best of Intentions for America and Her People and their Future Destiny within the Administration of those Two Public Servant Leaders.”
“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be working for Us, not just for Themselves, and their own self aggrandizement as Trump and his Family and Cronies and Allies have been doing. Trump and his Administration are responsible for the UnDoing of America and the Institutions and Ethical and Moral Codes that Make Her a Strong and Reliable Force in the World as a Whole.”
“America has been weakened, but her Institutions though battered and scruffed up have stood the test against the Ugly American Dis-ease and Syndrome of Trumpianism. Because we have to look at the reasons that around 45% of Americans Voted for that Lying, Cheating Con Man, and his Band of Spoiled, Entitled Hoodlums.”
“What troubles me even more is that the violent activity surrounding Defunding the Police, when the Protesters probably should have been stressing a Reformation of all Police Departments, and the way they Do things added fuel to the Radical Right‘s grievances. And the Burning and Looting during the Honest and Just Protests that followed the horrible and UnJust murders of those black folks by the Police, also added fuel to the Radical Right’s continuing to foment Hate and Violence through yammering away about the protection of the Second Amendment Right to Bear and Use Firearms to protect oneself and your personal property, and the spread of White Aryan Hatreds and Grievances, and the formation of para-military groups being taught to Hate and Shoot anybody who doesn’t see eye-to-eye with them.”
“Joe and Kamala, and their Chosen Crew, are a Breath of Fresh Air for America’s Future. For your future, Cheyenne. But they have really got a very high mountain of Trumpian Horse Malarkey to trudge through and climb over, because Trump and his Gang will be yammering away on the airwaves in the background doing everything they can to continue to sabotage our great democracy for their own aims and goals. They are doing Putin’s and Xi’s work for them. I imagine those fellahs are just sitting back and laughing all the way to the Banks and Countries Trump and his Henchmen abandoned or threatened in one way or another.”
“America’s reputation as a Good and Reliable Neighbor has been tarnished around the World. Especially over how badly we’ve handled this Covid 19 Pandemic, because it got politicized.”
“It’s hard to believe that folks still don’t understand how dangerous and virulent this Dis-ease is. there are some that still refuse to Wear a Mask, Socially Distance and not get into Large Groups of folks if you can avoid it. In fact, this Corona Dis-ease has really exacerbated the Social Dis-eases that existed within our great nation that we Chose to ignore for far to long.”
“But Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and their InComing Crew See these things. They are Experienced in the ways of Politics, and how to get the Government to Work for the People, as a Whole, in order to improve their Lives, instead of against them, as Trump has done. Trump is a Dictator for the Few, while Conning 45% of The Many into thinking he’s working for them. And, Joe and Kamala intend to get America back on Her feet from this Pandemic, not go into a callous and deadly denial about it, as Trump has done.”
“Mama, do you read the paper all of the time, too ?”
“Yes, Baby. I always have. Your Granddaddy and Grandma taught me to always seek to Learn things each and every day. In fact, they used to tell me to try to Learn something new every day. And that the best way to do that was to Read and Listen to and really pay attention to the Folks we encounter and to access what’s going on in the World around Us. That’s why Public Education is so important to Healthy and Forward Thinking and Moving Democracies. And that’s why I am against Privatizing our Educational Systems. Privatization always Excludes and shuts folks of one kind or another out. Public Education Includes and Educates Everyone.”
“But that’s another topic for another day, Young Lady. Let‘s finish gathering these eggs from the Chicken Coop, and get on up to the house before your Daddy decides to have his own Coup over not getting breakfast before he has to get to work this morning.”
“Mama, I really Listened to you, and everything you said in the Chicken Coop. Can we have more of these Chicken Coop conversations in the
future ?”
“Why, yes, indeed, we can, Cheyenne. This old Hen just loves to cluck and scratch around over an idea or two any chance she can get. I’d be honored to continue our Chicken Coop Conversations.”
“Mama, Daddy’s glaring at us form the back porch.”
“Let him glare all he likes. I’m whipping up homemade blueberry buttermilk pancakes this morning.”
“That’ll put a smile on Daddy’s face,” Cheyenne said with knowing grin as her Mama gave her a playful wink-and-a-nod.


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