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Float Away Float Away
by Nikos Laios
2020-11-24 11:01:17
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The light flashed
Like jagged forks
Against the ragged
Sky,the golden geese
With wings unfurled
Streaked towards
The grassy plains.

butterflies_400Wisps of
smoke curled
Around craggy rocks
And stony wells;
The ringing bells
That sang of glowing
Green ferns and
Climbers dancing
On the walls,
With dew drops
Dripping on
The soft brown

The warm
Inviting hearth;
The crackling
Flames and

I can hear the
Rapping of the rain
And the flashing
Of the streams;
The world washed
By moonbeams.

The trickling
Juice of cherries
And forest berries
Running over
Curling lips
And arching hips,
In the days
Of innocence
And loss.

How I remember those
Ragged jagged days;
With wings unfurled
Under a scrolling rolling
Sky,and the thunderous
Bellow of the sea like
A wounded giant.

As we
Float away,
Float away;
Above the
Grassy plains.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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