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Understanding drug use Understanding drug use
by Joseph Gatt
2020-11-30 10:03:46
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A very brief, somewhat straightforward guide to understanding drug use for prevention purposes.


Marijuana users tend to pick up the habit in schools, in universities or later in life.

Marijuana tends to be prescribed by friends and dealers to anyone “anxious” as dealers tend to praise the “calming, soothing” effects of marijuana use.

Marijuana users usually start off by taking a few puffs or sharing spliffs, before they smoke spliffs on a daily basis.

Marijuana users then start a daily routine. Some like to “smoke” in the morning, others wait until coming home from work. Some like to smoke with a cup of tea, others with a bottle of wine.

Marijuana does have dangerous effects. It causes insomnia, paranoia, either severe weight gain or severe weight loss (some feel the need to binge on food, others lose the appetite completely).

Paranoia in some cases can lead to severe accidents or suicide. If one smokes too much, one can start developing delusional views about the world. Attention spans also tend to be affected, and you'll notice marijuana users jumping from one unrelated topic to the other or from one unrelated YouTube video to another and the like.

On the body, marijuana tends to cause a numbing of the skin, can cause irritation in the eyes, can cause trouble blinking your eyes or keeping the eyes open properly.

Marijuana also causes general body and mind numbness, and can lead users to sit down all day and do nothing, while having delusional daydreams. They call them “stoned” and “high” for a reason.

dru001_400Other drugs

Rather than discuss each narcotic and its effects, I'll discuss drugs and their effects in general. This paper is aimed at those looking for signs of drug use, or those who want to start drug use prevention campaigns in general.

The first time a drug user uses a drug can be at a party, at a friend's house, or while hiding with a friend.

The first couple of months, drug users tend not to have an established drug use routine.

Drug users also “praise” drug use during their encounters. Drug users often compete for things like “who did the stupidest thing” such as “I traded my car for a box of tissues” and “I did even better, I traded my brother's sports car for a night with a lady” kind of stuff.

After two-three months of drug use, drug users start establishing some kind of routine when using drugs. They tend to have fixed times during the day for drug use, and elaborate rituals to “kill time” before and after drug use.

Addiction to drugs tends to grow over the months, and drug users can no longer stay patient in drug use intervals. So they use the drug more and more frequently.

An overdose is usually caused by dehydration and/or cardiac arrest.

Signs someone is a drug user can be: dry or very dry hair (my hair is naturally dry, and I got arrested and searched frequently in the past, despite not being a drug user at all). Skin rashes. Trouble blinking, trouble keeping eyes open and closed. Eyes are not open and closed symmetrically. Rashes in the eyes. Weight loss or weight gain. In the longer run drug use can cause losing nails, hair loss, rashes, decayed teeth or tooth loss.

In terms of behavior drug users of course tend to be paranoid, delusional, often talk to strangers/stalk strangers, can't focus on a single conversation topic and change conversation topics frequently, incoherent behavior such as insisting that their shoes lay on their bed and the like.

Big question: how do drug users get the money to buy their drugs?

Of course some entertainers are famous for drug use.

But, if you're like most people, you are not a famous entertainer.

So most drug users purchase their drugs with credit cards. They usually buy them at places that are restaurants as a “front” but that really sell drugs and charge for them with credit cards.

When drug users max out on credit cards, they usually make some story up to their parents or family members (or friends in some cases) so they can use their credit cards. Or they steal someone's credit card. So if someone steals your credit card, drug use could be involved.
Some drug users get lucky and find a job. Others cook up elaborate schemes to borrow money from banks. Others, in Europe for example, open bank accounts in several European countries so they can use several credit cards from different countries. They max out in Luxemburg; they'll use the Belgian one. Max out with the Belgian, go with the Dutch. Max out on the Dutch credit card, hit the Danish one. They are all accepted in France.
One thing drug use does lead to is homelessness and/or social isolation. Because the group of friends you used drugs with often either have problems with the law or get forced into rehab, and you end up alone.
Intellect kind of works the same, minus the credit cards, but that's a more elaborate joke I'll save for another day.

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