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Suicide signs (how to save a life) Suicide signs (how to save a life)
by Joseph Gatt
2020-11-24 11:00:21
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Maybe your friend or close one is suicidal and you don't know it. So here are signs that can help you save a life.

Suicide signs are often misunderstood. If your best friend of loved one makes a long, passionate, irritated speech yelling and ranting that life is horrible and that he or she wants to commit suicide and end it all, they are probably not suicidal. They are usually just desperate to get much needed help.

In fact, people who keep discussing suicide or talk about planning their suicide are often using it as a manipulative tool to get more attention, or to divert attention from serious problems. For example, your friend could have done something ethically wrong or morally wrong, could have broken the law, or could have other problems they are trying to cover up, and use “suicidal speeches” to cover their real problems up.

suici001_400But, if you see the signs below, ACT!

-Suicidal people usually retreat in silence before planning their suicide. So if your friend is not calling, refusing to pick up the phone, and when they do pick up the phone, they refuse to chat and answer questions, and keep conversations very short, they could be suicidal.

-In addition to refusing to chat, suicidal people tend to be very quiet on social media days or weeks before their suicide. So if your friend is no longer posting, and is hiding in silence, that could be a sign.

-Emotionally too sensitive. When people are suicidal, everything scares them, everything startles them, everything saddens them. So if your friend looks constantly startled by everything, that could be a sign.

-”Playful like a child.” In several suicide cases I've examined, the people who committed suicide tended to be a little playful before they took their lives away. That is instead of behaving like responsible teenagers or adults, they start playing around and behaving like children, playing children's games, or suggesting to play games that belong to elementary school recess halls, with a forced smile. That's a sign.

-”Creating romantic scenes straight out of a Turkish or Korean melodrama.” If your friend is looking at things, pausing, and sighing deeply, or looking at pictures obsessively and sighing deeply, or looking at an art object or a book and sighing deeply, or have other overly melodramatic or romantic facial expressions, seek help from a counselor or psychiatrist.

-Strange behavior with money. In addition to refusing to talk or talking and behaving like a child, your friend could suggest you hang out at a very expensive restaurant or pub, or take you out shopping for very expensive items, or buying you some kind of expensive gift. Or perhaps they are spending money in ways they should not. That's another sign.

-Strange morality, religious or philosophical discourses. If your friend is making short, deep, dramatic statements about morality or religion, that's another sign.

-Frequent cigarette breaks/too much coffee/drinking an unusual amount of alcohol. That's another sign, if there are all the above signs.

-Asking for affection the way a 3 year old child would. If your friend is asking for hugs and embraces the way a 3 year old child does when his mother shows him or her irritation, that's another sign.

-Talks about his/her regrets and sighs frequently. If your friend has disorganized speech, frequent silences and pauses, and discusses their regrets in life while sighing frequently, I can assure you they are planning to take their life away.

Final notes:

-Suicidal people rarely announce their intentions. They usually try to hide their suicidal feelings as much as they can.

-If someone is being combative but depressed, that's usually not a sign of being suicidal. Combative people who try to fight the system usually have hopes that they can fix the system in some way.

-If someone discusses suicide frequently, that could be being manipulative. Chinese, Korean, Japanese and East Asian wives and other husbands and wives of all creeds are notorious for threatening their husbands or wives or families of committing suicide if they don't get what they want. That's just a dirty, disgusting trick to get more money and more attention from their husbands or families or friends. If your wife or husband does that, I wouldn't say divorce him or her, but you know what I think.

-If a teenager or child keeps threatening suicide, that's also a bit of a dirty trick. They need help indeed, perhaps for substance abuse or something. Or maybe they are just madly in love with a boy or girl and are protesting any way they can the fact that they are being grounded.

-The final big sign of suicidal people is when they stop showing up at events and inviting people home, and lock themselves up in their rooms without clearly saying what it is that they are doing in their rooms.

That is, if someone stops showing up at parties, and that you find out they keep locking themselves up in their rooms and it's not clear what it is that they are doing (are they listening to music? Are they reading? Are they trying to invent something?) and that they refuse to discuss what it is that they are doing, that could be a sign.

-Is suicide more of an “introvert” thing or an “extrovert” thing? Indeed signs are harder to detect among introverts because people often think introverts are just being their quiet, shy selves when they are in fact suicidal. In extroverts the signs tend to be more obvious because the fact that they shut down is unusual.

So now you know how to save a life. “I could have stayed up with you all night, had I known how to save a life” (lyrics from a song from The Fray).

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