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Does telepathy exist? Does telepathy exist?
by Joseph Gatt
2020-11-22 12:13:34
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A lot of people claim to have predicted the future several times. Some claim to swear to have been thinking about a long-lost friend when that long-lost friend called them out of the blue. Some claim that they had a strange urge or feeling at the very moment their loved one had a very happy moment, or a sad moment.

Some even sell courses on telepathy. They claim that if you see someone you know their first name on TV, that means that person, is thinking about you at this very moment. Or that if your ears ring when you think about someone, the person is also thinking about you.

tlpat0001_400Some even claim that your life is predestined, and that God chooses your destiny for you. Some even claim that you are re-living past lives. And some claim to be able to talk to deceased people or to the person you were in your previous life.

And then you have astrology and numerology. That some signs or birth years are more likely to be rich or poor, successful or have difficult lives.

But let's look at this a little closer, in more rational ways.

“I swear to God I was thinking about someone I haven't talked to in a decade when that very person called me.”

Of course! You and your long-lost friends shared a lot of conversations. You two had a unique bond, a unique world of your own.

So it's usually something in the news, or some kind of event that triggers that memory in both of you and the urge to get in touch after all those years.

For example, you and your long-lost friend discussed Cuba at length, and spent many hours talking about Cuba. Then news strikes that leader Fidel Castro passed away. That's all over the news.

That specific friend was the only friend you really ever discussed Cuba with. So that news triggers the need and urge to get back in touch.

Other example. You and your friend protested against World Trade Organization talks in Seattle in 1999. Recently, Seattle has been back in the news with protests. You and your long-lost friend suddenly get that trigger, and you get back in touch!

“I was able to predict Amy Winehouse's death... and there's something called the 27 club where a large number of rock stars die at the age of 27”

We all know about Winehouse's addiction problems. And we all knew she did not want to go to rehab.

27 is not a magic number. Many celebrities die at 25, 26, 28, 29, 24, or even younger in some cases.

But a few big names (namely Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and now Amy Winehouse) died at 27.

Drug addiction, when not properly treated, usually leads to death, either by overdose, suicide or other medical conditions, around the ages of 25-30. Especially for daily drug users.  

This guy (or girl) I know keeps calling me each time I think about him/her!

Of course! Friends don't stop being friends when they are separated.

So, when you're friends with someone, you don't just share conversation. You also share lifestyle, you watch the same channels and programs, you subscribe to the same YouTube channels, you have similar Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and Tik Tok feeds. Nothing new here.

So, when something in a conversation you had with your friend gets brought up in the news or on your Facebook feed, you automatically think about your friend, and you call each other!

“Those two stayed single for 15 years before they found each other. They spent all those years looking for each other!”

The assumption here is that people are constantly looking for someone to date or for a mate, or a partner, or a husband/wife.

Truth is, many people stay single, and are not looking for a date!

Sometimes they are just demanding. They are a free spirit in a Taliban-like society. They are a kind spirit in a violent society. They are a conservative spirit in San Francisco.

Sometimes they have other priorities. They are trying to get a job in a very competitive environment. They have very competitive ambitions, and dating would get in the way.

Then eventually, the Taliban mentality smoothes out. Or San Francisco starts adopting this thing called “morality” or “religion” and that becomes trendy. That's when those souls that were difficult to find suddenly become easier to access.

“I knew my daughter was going to get the award! I just knew it!”

Yes, award committees, and even the lottery, like to throw hints at the winner before they announce the results. Hints are often subtle and not caught or understood. In some cases, hints are even bluffs, and make the loser believe he/she will be the winner.

But before good news is made public, it is often hinted at.

“I knew my friend was going to have that car accident!”

Indeed, you saw your friend driving faster than usual. You noticed how careless he was parking that car. And he must have hinted in subtle was that he almost got into an accident a couple of times.

It's almost always the careless drivers who get into serious accidents.

You get the idea. Telepathy is not a supernatural force. It's a natural force, because we are all connected even when we are in separate and distance physical spheres.

So if Mozambique is in the news, I will think about my friends in Mozambique. If Mongolia is in the news, I will think about my many Mongolian friends. If surfing is in the news, I will think about my surfer friends. And if there's a documentary about people like Dario Moreno or Harun Tazieff or Omar Sharif or Serge Gainsbourg or other people who really had completely long-lasting, labor-intensive international careers and multiple identities, they will think about me, probably.

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