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Things drug addicts and dealers tell you to get you hooked Things drug addicts and dealers tell you to get you hooked
by Joseph Gatt
2020-11-19 10:02:45
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Some things drug dealers and drug addicts tell kids (and adults) to get them hooked.

-”If you do drugs your grades will shoot way up! You'll ace every single test! Drugs make you creative and enhance your memory! I'm a straight A student and all I do is freebase on drugs!”

These guys are targeting students who they have identified as ambitious with grades, and whose parents are probably pushing them to get better report cards.

dru001_400-”If you do drugs, your athletic performances will shoot way up! All the star athletes do drugs! Martina Hingis! Diego Maradona! Maria Sharapova! And even Micheal Jordan! But hush, that's a secret!”

They have their eyes on kids who have athletic ambitions and want to make it to the NBA, NFL or become star global athletes.

-”If you do drugs you'll come up with great startup ideas! All the big guys did drugs! Elon Musk! Steve Jobs! Everyone else!”

-”If you do drugs your musical and artistic creativity will shoot way up! You must do drugs if you want to become the next MTV hit or the next Picasso!”

Hint: I never did drugs, and that doesn't stifle my creativity.

-”If you do drugs, you'll become a member of the G7, and we'll call it the G8! Drugs is a must for G7 membership. G7 membership includes wild parties and orgies every Friday night, and almost every night!”

I've received this offer before. 7 morons who were trying to recruit me to their idiotic club. I did not join, and nothing good ever happened to those guys.

-”If you want to have lunch with us, doing drugs is a must!”

-”If you want to work in advertising, doing drugs is a must!”

-”You can do drugs, experience wild things, and then write a book about the whole experience. Those books sell like wildfire!”

Hint: those books about wild drug use are usually written by sober ghostwriters.

-”If you don't do drugs, you can't come to our parties.”

-”You're not leaving this party until you do drugs. If you leave this party without snorting or injecting, we'll bully you, shame you and humiliate you to no end!”

Note that a lot of times drug addicts and drug dealers invite their preys to events without discussing drug use. They then secretly pull out the drugs and suggest their secretly use drugs at the event or party. If the offer is rejected, they usually blackmail the kid (or adult) by telling them that they must use drugs to “call it even” otherwise they will “kill them for revealing the secret.”

How do you prevent this from happening?

Up until now, prevention was mostly done in the form of explaining how the drugs harm your body.

I think this paper and other social aspects of drug use should also be part of prevention sessions.

A bon entendeur.

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