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Liquid Blue Liquid Blue
by Nikos Laios
2020-11-13 11:29:10
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In the depths of
The liquid blue
Floating in

blue_night_400Deeply, deeply
Plunging slowly
Flowing with
The currents
And the swells
Swirling around
Purple and orange
Coral, and leathery
Green fingers.

Bubbles and
Seaweed swaying
Like a ballet as
The dolphin sentinels
Glide through the
Liquid blue.

The coloured fish
Darting through
The portholes of
Rusted tankers
And the rustic
Carcass of an
Ancient galley
That once sailed
The seven seas.

O, to be a dolphin
Or a stingray sliding
In the liquid blue,
In this dazzling  
Aquatic symphony.

Caught in a liquid
Pocket in a watery
Embrace at one
With the peaceful
Currents that swirl
Around the coral
And the leathery
Green fingers.

Floating in solitude in
The liquid blue as the
White salty foaming
Waves crash on the
Yellow sand massaging
The beaches and bays,
And the golden gentle sways.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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