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Physician Leaders Call for Fair Global Distribution of Covid-19 Vaccines Physician Leaders Call for Fair Global Distribution of Covid-19 Vaccines
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2021-09-03 08:15:36
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No country should be left behind in the race to vaccinate its population against Covid-19, the World Medical Association pointed.

coro000001_400In an emergency debate at its virtual annual General Assembly, the WMA called for an ‘equitable, global distribution of a safe and effective’ vaccine and said that health workers and vulnerable populations should be among the first to receive it.

Physician leaders, noting that clinical trials had been accelerated to fast track vaccines, said that all trials must follow the ethical principles for medical research set out in the WMA Declaration of Helsinki.

WMA President Dr. David Barbe said ‘The unprecedented global effort underway to develop an effective vaccine could leave lower-income countries at a disadvantage. So it is essential that we advocate for a fair distribution of successful vaccine candidates to ensure that all regions of the world stand to benefit as quickly as possible.

‘A pandemic cannot be contained by one country alone. It requires a collaborative, global effort.’

The WMA also repeated its warning about vaccine hesitancy and the importance of maintaining other key routine vaccinations, such as for polio, measles and influenza.

Dr. Barbe said ‘It is vital we increase public trust in vaccination in the face of disinformation campaigns and anti-vaccine movements which undermine the health of both children and adults.’

As a tribute to the thousands of physicians who have died treating the pandemic and the many physicians providing care on the front line, the online Assembly decided that October 30 should be designated the International Day of the Medical Profession.

Dr. Barbe said: ‘It is only right that we pay tribute to the commitment of physicians to the service of humankind and to the health and well-being of their patients.’

Among the other measures being demanded by the WMA are sufficient provision of personal protective equipment, the strengthening of health care systems and zero tolerance towards attacks on physicians.

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