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Nimble Leap Nimble Leap
by Jan Sand
2020-10-31 11:43:43
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The Jack-be-nimble, with his trick,
Leaped above the candlestick,
Occupied a time and space
nibl001_400Not far from that ancient place
Where Alley Oop, on dinosaur,
Mastered the before before.
Ancient marvels are, today, belittled
As our geniuses bestow ideas whittled
From scientific tricks and gifts
More impressive than the hippogryphs.
Advances now astound, everywhere abound,
But riding this escalator. Futurewise, this go-round
Misses enthusiasms out of Heinlein and Asimov.
This week seems bleak with small chance of mazeltov.
Weekend trips to the stars, picnicking on Mars,
Quote Freud “Sometimes, cigars are just cigars.”
Corruption and disruption, massacres still entertain
Where humanity throughout and in the main
Enjoy sports of most strange resorts, loss and gain.
Those candlesticks, much taller now,
Require leaps of more know how.
So cross your fingers, don’t look back,
Take a swig of applejack
And hope we all acquire the knack
To jump with agilities that foiled Jack.

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