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Human trafficking: why do prostitutes become prostitutes? Human trafficking: why do prostitutes become prostitutes?
by Joseph Gatt
2020-10-30 11:04:23
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Human trafficking is a serious issue. A dramatic issue. A tragic issue.

Prostitutes are often glorified as women (or men) who engage in the world's “most enjoyable” activity (sex) in exchange for the world's favorite reward (money).

Uhm. It's not that glorious.

So why do prostitutes become prostitutes?

I interviewed dozens of them over a decade ago on three continents. They were actually happy to talk. The notes were sitting somewhere in my mind, stuck, as I was trying to decode their codes. Because prostitutes use a lot of euphemisms.

prost0001_400As you know, no woman in her right mind and no man in his right mind would sell sex. If they have to choose between working at a bakery, working at a pub or working as a prostitute they would choose the former. No one in his or her right mind hesitates between cleaning houses and prostitution for a living.

To the reasons (tragic):

Reason number 1: “my family dealt with loan sharks, couldn't repay the debts, and I was kidnapped into prostitution as a form of debt settlement.”

That is when loan sharks (especially informal ones) loan money to someone, they usually take guarantees.

Banks want your mortgage or property as a guarantee.

Loan sharks will take your wife, your daughters, your sisters, or some family members as a guarantee.

So when smart men deal with loan sharks, and those smart men realize that they can not repay the debt, they usually hide female family members somewhere safe. In some cases, they lock female family members, including their wife and daughters anywhere safe, don't allow them to go out, don't allow them to go to school and so on.

Reason number 2: Totalitarian parenting

Some of the women I met told stories along these lines: “my parents were dictators. To them, if I failed to enter medical school, I was a total failure. I failed to enter medical school and they started bullying me so bad that I had to leave home. Because my parents never really allowed me to see the world, never allowed me to have friends or talk to people, I had no idea what to do. Some guy approached me with a job offer and I trusted him. Turns out I was kidnapped into prostitution.”

Reason number 3: Husband/Family member forces you into prostitution

There are lots of decent people around the world.

And there are a few psychopaths out there.

Some psychopaths end up as serial killers. Others deal drugs. Others force family members or wives into prostitution.

These psychopaths often hang out with mafia-like crowds and come up with a strange idea: “I'll get my friends to pay me to have sex with my wife/family members.”

Reason number 4: “I started bartending, then was offered to talk with patrons, and eventually was forced into prostitution.” or “I worked as a housekeeper and my boss gradually forced me into prostitution.”

These scams often involve manipulation and dirty tricks. The “boss” will usually start off suggesting the bar tender make some extra cash by “chatting with patrons” before gradually forcing them to have sex with patrons.

Reason number 5: “I was groomed for prostitution”

Some schools, namely middle schools and high schools, in some cases elementary schools, have mafias hanging out and inviting the girls to hang out.

Those guys will groom the girls for prostitution. In middle school for example, they could take the girls out to concerts, sports events, or other “cool” activities before gradually brainwashing the girls into accepting that prostitution is a “normal” job.

Reason number 6: “I was promised a job in entertainment/a huge sum of money/fame and success”

Common type of scam. Guys approaching girls and promising them careers in modeling, entertainment or other successful activities, but telling them they must go through prostitution first.

Other reasons

All kinds of arrangements can happen. In some cases it's women who think that “high-end prostitution” pays really good money (it doesn't) and that's why they get into the business.

Sometimes it's women who hang out with rich men, hoping to get generous “tips” in exchange for sex.

Sometimes it's women who need the money to feed their drug addiction, and often that doesn't work because of what drugs do to their bodies.

Sometimes it's women who own cafés or bars, and who realize they can make extra cash doing that job.

Sometimes it's high school or college students who get brainwashed by their group of friends into accepting prostitution as a legit job.

MYTH: “prostitutes always get clients and make great money”

TRUTH: they can go days, in some cases weeks without a single client. Truth is, you'll probably make more money selling ice-cream or peddling fruits and vegetables than doing that.


Information. Prevention. Liberation from slavery. Reintegration into society.

And busting the myth that prostitution is “doing the most pleasurable activity in the world for the most pleasurable reward.” It's not.

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