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In the lasting pursuit of happiness In the lasting pursuit of happiness
by Abigail George
2021-10-24 08:16:43
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hap0001_400_01She has known pain all her life, has taken countless of chances on love, risked it all, put it all on the line for love. But if you have no knowledge of self, her mother said to her, how can you ever learn to love, fall in love with the man, acknowledge that he has too felt loneliness, and pain, suffering and hurting and wounding, for it is in the nature and the phenomenology of every man and every woman to feel loneliness, my girl, and pain, my daughter, and suffering and hurting and wounding directly or either indirectly, and you have to understand this, if I teach you, have taught you anything, and please, please listen carefully to an elderly woman.

When you meet the man, when you fall in love, don't fall to pieces about it, don't gather all your rosebuds, and carnations and want to grow trees to save the planet, that will come in time, all the poets and the ancients and the scholars and the intellectuals have known this for all of time. Love him, take his hand, listen to him, listen to all that he says, listen to his heart, listen to the rhythm and beat of his heart. Maybe, maybe he will love you in return, maybe he will break your heart, maybe he will walk away and never return to you, and you will never discover the meaning, the purpose and the truth of what is means to be a woman lying helpless in a man's arms, and a man lying helpless in yours. I am older, you will become older, you have known love in your short life, and you will know love again. The world offers everything up to us like a taproot. Love is hard, loving can be hard, but it can also be more than a photograph. You will tremble in his arms, when you find the love of your life, but you see, daughter, he will tremble in your arms too.

The key to understanding relationships is not the physical impulse and the joys that come with that sacred understanding. The key is mutual admiration and respect, and most of all friendship. Laugh at his jokes, cook a meal for him, when he wants your undivided attention, give it to him, live like there is no tomorrow. For when tomorrow comes, the children will separate you, or tiredness and exhaustion. There will be days when you don't understand this love, or, what brought the woman in you and the man in him together. It is then that you must eat, pray and live, and laugh and smile through the pain of the world, of the universe, of the earth. It is then that you must love, and never lose the lesson because you must pass it on. Play it forward to your own children, and other mother's children and the next generation, however insurmountable a task that seems. Love will and must carry you all the days of your life. For now, let that be your happiness.

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