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The imperialism of a goebbelist mouthpiece The imperialism of a goebbelist mouthpiece
by Thanos Kalamidas
2020-10-17 09:14:45
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The era of disinformation, misleading labeling, conspiracy theories and paraphrasing ideas has long been reality for a small group in the backbenches of society and it has always been there floating between life and illution. Nevertheless the last few years -and with a lot of help from the social media, it has become mainstream and the twisted reality to many, spreading doubts even to basic common facts. All these thanks to one man, Donald Trump. The contemporary peak and mouthpiece of the goebbelism iceberg.

Nowadays you risk identifying as radical far-left with suspicious conducts only by saying that you are a democrat and by saying that you are a democrat it definitely does not mean that you are a Bidden fun or that you are a member of some kind of a Hilary cabala. Yet, for some that’s what exactly means even though you DON’T live in USA, you DON’T vote in USA, you are NOT planning to live in USA or even visit USA in the near future. However –and this is a sign itself, it shows how much American politics and reality influences nowadays the world.

truli001_400Do you know where QAnon, - a far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotting against President Donald Trump, who is battling against the cabal. The theory also commonly asserts that Trump is planning a day of reckoning known as "The Storm", when thousands of members of the cabal will be arrested. No part of the theory is based on fact. (Wikipedia) – is stronger and popular away from the redneck strongholds in USA? In Germany and Holland and Belgium from all places.

But that is just an example; the truth is that social acceptance and equality ideas should identify modern democratic societies and never become part of a mainstream political polarization. To be anti-racist does not make you immediately member of a Marxist terrorist group, to be pro-choice doesn’t make you an optimal killer and to be a pro-LGBTQ doesn’t make you a closet gay. But sadly that’s how it is perceived nowadays.

Donald Trump gave legitimacy to all these conspiracy theories and disinformation by simply being the US President. Who can doubt the American president who by definition has access to all information? If he says that Joe Biden has dementia then Joe Biden has dementia and if he says that Angela Merkel is an evil person and EU the enemy of the people then that s what it is, because the president of the USA said it. The man who has access to all the secrets, he knows what’s really going on in area-52 and he speaks with aliens from other planets.

Can you see? Donald Trump is using the long established myth of a knowing-all US President to elevate himself to a semi-god. Literally. The theory that the US president knows what’s going on in area-52, about the crashed UFO and perhaps conducts with alien life forms, is not new, neither political. The legends surrounding area-52 have started sometime in the end of 1950s and UFO believes cover the entire political spectrum actually never identified as political. However and despite personal choices and believes they all agree that the American presidents and the US secret services …know. During his presidential campaign, then Democratic presidential candidate Jimmy Carter promised that if elected he was going to tell all the truth about UFOs and area-52. Jimmy Carter was/is one of the very few high officials to admit that he had seen a UFO. And he was elected and never spoke about UFOs again. In addition of all theories of a president knowing-all now they had a new one of an inside (deep state) cabal that can even shut the knowing-all president. And while all this should be internal conspiracies, thanks to the universal interest in UFOs it took a global interest and of course a global spread of a conspiracy theory that reached all kind of peoples from all kinds of political or education background including a lot of intellectuals.

While it all seems in the surface irrelevant – UFOs and QAnon – it all adds to the fact that when the US president speaks then …doubts follow, even for the most intelligent among us.

When Donald Trump discredited WHO (World Health Organization) in a conspiracy theory that wants them puppets of the Chinese government bringing a lot of doubt about the role of the organization, what he really did was to re-inflame the worst possible way an old conspiracy theory that wants UN and all its organizations puppets of third world dictators who hate west. Discrediting EU and connecting it with lies used by the Brexit nationalistic propaganda and conspiracy theories, using what a lot of Europeans feel about Brussels’ bureaucracy it was part of a plan, what Trump really covered and it is his real target was to discredit a trade competitor. A competitor Trump wants not just beaten but diminished and totally destroyed from …within. By discrediting and diminishing often in a menace way allies (especially western and NATO allies) Trump real target is to transform them from equal partners to servants in a contemporary style colonialism. Donald Trump’s lies, disinformation, misleading labeling, conspiracy theories have created a new age goebbelist imperialism with uncountable consequences to all of us for the years to come, globally.

So, as you can see, there is an actuall plan behind all this disinformation, misleading labeling, conspiracy theories and paraphrasing ideas, manipulation; and the plan is profit, most likely (in Trump's case) personal. Not yours, not mine, not for the 99.999% of the populaton of the Earth but...

...and this is why it has to be stopped. END Now. By the Americans for all of us, for Earth’s sake, for a better tomorrow for, ALL OF US!

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