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The Greek nazi party is over, not nazism in Greece The Greek nazi party is over, not nazism in Greece
by Thanos Kalamidas
2020-10-10 09:25:17
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Seven years after Pavlos Fyssas’ cold-blooded murder, five years after the beginning of the Nazi-murderers trial and just days after the Jewish cemetery in Athens for one more time was covered with anti-Semitic graffiti and Nazi slogans, a victory, the leadership of Greece's Nazi party, Golden Dawn, has been convicted of running a criminal organisation.

And while in the surface this looks as the natural end of a nazi organization in a modern democratic country, in Greece it came with a lot of doubts and worries. It is also a victory in a battle but not a victory over a war that never ended and continues daily in too many different levels.

gdaw001_400The most obvious sign that something is not exactly the way it looks from outside came from the Greek social-media. For weeks Greeks add in their social media a graphic with a splash of blood and the words: they are not innocent. Semantics with a message. Instead of the rational “they are guilty” the sound “they are not innocent”.

They are not innocent because they are guilty without any doubt but also because the Greek justice has often shown to wear coloured glasses instead of the original blindfolder.

The Greek justice has often shown political and ideological favourism rooted in the fact that it is a continuation of the judicature that judged democracy during the dictatorship years.  While most of the laws changed after the fall of the dictatorship, the people that run and practice justice in Greece remained the same applying the laws as they saw them fit their often right to far-right leaning political views. Actually Greece especially the last year under the rule of the far-right Kyriakos ‘Koulis’ Mitsotakis, has become the perfect example of the dogma, what really matters is not the letter of the law but who reads and applies the letter of the law. The governmental prejudice and far-right authoritarianism has reached the Greek justice and often political promises and favours motivate not innocent verdicts and decisions. As a result, they were the main recipients of the message “they are not innocent”. It was not a threat but a very clear warning. We are watching you, don’t screw up, again!

To answer your next question, no it worked neither as a threat nor as a warning. It takes a lot more to “warn” a well rooted and connected establishment than a graphic in the social media but it did show that the Greek people don’t trust justice and this should worry everybody, from the Greek political spectrum to EU authorities.

So, Golden Dawn is officially and in paper a criminal organization and its leadership outcasted from the Greek political life and most likely in prison. Period. But has Nazism ended in Greece or …? First of all the fourth time the nazi Golden Dawn entered the Greek parliament took nearly 400,000 votes, which means nearly 400,000 Greeks and the 7% of the Greek voting population fully aware and conscious of their criminal identity and their racist, xenophobic, homophobic, nationalistic, authoritarian believes. 400,000 Greeks embraced their most barbaric instincts and they haven’t let them go – as later demonstrations of racism and homophobia have proven – they just changed political …shelter.

Now all these fascists and Nazis found a place in the arms of the people who always gave them shelter, even when they were in Golden Dawn, with the governing far-right party of New Democracy and its leader corrupted authoritarian Kyriakos ‘Koulis’ Mitsotakis. After all a lot of ministers of the government, former prime minister and definitely a few members of the Greek parliament have always shown their favourism to the nazis, the juda (dictatorship) supporters and any kind of alt-right parasite and criminal. It was the former prime minister, Antonis Samaras who was seeking forms of cooperation with the Nazi Golden Dawn to stop Tsipras, it was the present vice-president of the party, Adonis Georgiadis who jumped to New Democracy from the extreme far-right and never hidden his xenophobic, homophobic and nationalistic feelings, it is the minister Makis Voridis who was an extremist with the fascist organization he was leading and MP Kostas Mpogdanos who never tried to hide his xenophobia, homophobia and fascism. And this is just the peak of the iceberg in a party and a government that thrives with corruption fascism, racism, discrimination and prejudice.

The war against fascism ands nazism in Greece is far from over.

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