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The Life and Death of a Cosmically Singing Turkey Wrap The Life and Death of a Cosmically Singing Turkey Wrap
by Leah Sellers
2020-10-03 10:42:37
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Hierarchical systems are often very dysfunctional and untruthful entities that can lead whole flocks of programmed Believers in those often toxic Systems to be led astray, misused and abused. Even those who do not Believe in them will find the same disgraceful and destructive things being done to them, and being Forced to deal with it, when they find themselves being Forced to Live and try to Breathe within them.
Rigid Caste systems are slowly choking and stoking Life Annihilating (I’m Superior to you and of more Value than you when No One really is just that) Soul Killers.
trum0001_400_03Racism is a Caste System. Sexism is a Caste System. Xenophobia is a Caste System. Homophobia is a Caste System. Social Status is a Caste System (if I earn more money than you, I have more Value than you. If you work with your Mind and Hands, and I only work with my Mind, and point the middle finger of my Superior Hand toward something I want you to set your Hands, and Mind, to Work upon, then I have more Value than you…etc…blah, blah, blah….).
What a bunch of Malarkey it all is…..
Plagues, like Covid-19, put some of these misconceived Cast Systems into doubt and Question, and that is a Good thing. A Change in Thought Patterns….the Way we Think and Feel about things is a very Powerful thing.
Ideas are the most Powerful entities within the Universe. Communicated Ideations are even more Powerful Energies.
Ideas are where true Power Lives and Dies.
Give a huge, physically Strong Man with a mediocre to highly functioning Brain an Attitude of Compassion and Empathy, his Power will rarely be Mis-Used. He will rarely Abuse. He will be a Positive Life Force within the World.
Give a puny, weak Man, who strives to be a Strong Man with a mediocre to highly functioning Brain an Attitude of Greedy, Selfish Needs, Meanness and Smallness of Spirit, whose only mantra is Me, Me, Me, and he will always seek to Use and Abuse EveryOne and EveryThing he comes into contact with.
The same holds true for the Opposite Sex, as well.
The Energies of Ideas Communicated are the most Powerful Forces in the Cosmos.
I was reminded of this in a conversation with one of my clients this past week. A Precious Man, a Doctor who researches Molecular Sciences in order to Identify the Molecular Causes and Effects of such Dis-eases as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Aging etc…..
He is 89 years of Age and writing a book on his Life’s Works and Deeds.
In the midst of one of our Conversations about his Work, he kept mentioning the fact that a particular Molecule would send Signals to other particular Molecules within the Human Body that caused things to function in Healthy ways within our Bodies.
I queried, “Sir, when you say that they Signal to one another, is that a Molecular Language that they are Sharing with one another ? He smiled and said, “Yes, in a manner of Speaking.”
“So, sir, when there is a weakening or ceasing of their Communication between on another, then the parts of the Body that they managed to keep Healthy together begins to Break Down and become Dis-eased ?”
“Yes, put in less technical terms than I am comfortable with.”
“I laughed, and said, “Sir, I’m more of a Poet than I am a Technician. But I do have another Question for you, if I may.”
“You may.”
“Well, it seems to me, with all of the progress Science has made in the area of Nano-bots, that we could Create Nano-bots that could replicate each Molecule’s Language, each Molecule’s Signal, and attach the Language Nano-bot Transmitters onto the appropriate Molecules to help Revive their Healthy Communication between one another, and Re-Create a Healthy Balance within whatever Body is in need of the Treatment. The Re-Orientation.”
“In fact, isn’t it amazing how something so Microscopic is also so
Macroscopic !”
He almost frowned. “What do you mean ?”
“Everything in the processes of Life and Death is about Signaling, Language, Communication. One Molecule to another. One Being to another. One Entity to another.”
“For example, when Communication breaks down within the Relationships of People, Dis-ease and Breakdown, even the Death of the Relationship can occur, if Healthy Signaling, Language and Communication is not Re-Established.”
“The same goes for every entity within the Cosmos. Entropy, Breakdown occurs due to incomplete, disrupted Communications between this Atom, that Molecule, this Being, that Country, this Nation, that Planet, this Planet, that Black Hole and unto whatever lies on the other side of that Black Hole, and so on and so on !”
“You’re very passionate about Ideas, aren’t you my dear.”
“Yes sir, I guess I am, because I’m also a Singer, and right now, I hear the Singing of the Universe ! I Imagine the Song - the Signals - the Languages of the Universe surrounding us and trilling all around within us ! What a Wondrous Cosmos we live within ! Right now, I feel more Alive and Aware than I have felt in a very long time ! Thank you, sir. Thank you for Sharing your Signal with me, because I am forever Changed for the better for it.”
“Glad to hear it. Now, what’s for lunch ?”
“How about a Turkey Wrap with mustard ?”
Mr. J.P. smiled. “I’d say we’re on the same wave-length.”


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