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See everything as an opportunity See everything as an opportunity
by Abigail George
2020-09-20 07:44:33
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This is how I became an extreme writer, an extreme personality, an extreme human being. There is an art to love, an exceptional and extraordinary art to love. Some people, like scientists and scholars and intellectuals and philosophers and poets might say it is complex. I say it is simple. Love the right one right and all your dreams will follow you for all the days of your natural born life. Love you. Love yourself. Accept yourself. Our heroes inspire us and each other. To inspire, as artists, and myself speaking as an intense poet here, yes, we can change the world, the environment that we live. We can change and impact and transform the reality or rather realities that we live in. Humanity, nothing is worth it except happiness. You are worthy.

suris01_400You are worthy. I don't want to live a life that is a startling and vapid recipe for recklessness anymore. I want to live with the greatest energy. What if I was gone tomorrow. We have as a planet started to ask ourselves that.

We are, I am grieving for the person that I was, and on the periphery I see the person that I am going to become, my best life is coming. I am possible. Humanity is still possible in the aftermath of the losses we have suffered, the odds we are up against, the challenges that we are facing, the hills and mountains that are blocking our view of the valley down below. Three words. Plan. Process. Progress.

Life is short Humanity, so let us all make the most of it today. I tell myself now that I want an abundant life. I have had a lot of opportunities in my life. I haven't always taken them, I haven't always lived my very best life or life to the full. My one regret is that I haven't always loved myself, I haven't always loved the people in my life. The miracle is that this  universe, this world, this race that we are constantly running so effortlessly or not so effortlessly, and whether you are in the game of love, or standing on the sidelines watching, waiting, observing, studying this game of love, I have news for you We are the miracle. World, we are the miracle. Universe, we are the miracle.

Humanity, we are the miracle. I hope you feel inspired today. As an extreme writer, one last thing, the world is my muse.

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