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SERIOUSLY a Back to the Future Story for Present Telling SERIOUSLY a Back to the Future Story for Present Telling
by David Sparenberg
2020-09-19 07:46:55
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The Collector rode around, galloping from kingdom to kingdom through fires and floods, through raging winds—the roaring blaze of day, the howling torments, tempests of night. The Doom Collector carried the gore-sword of sacrifice, blood moon of the midnight clock, the mercurial scales of evolutionary judgment.

Everyone everywhere wanted to live. Those who did not had already taken their own lives or were attempting, absurdly and in haste, to hide, deep in the cavernous underground, deep in the shadows of darkness. These latter as afraid to live as to die. Ah—the vanity of men!

Eyes wept. Mouths pleaded. The blood pandemic progressively inundated the globe.

Few were those who; when asked the questions of tribulation (salvation’s questions): What good have you done for the plight of the Earth? What love given beyond self-interest? What bridges built, what projects embraced for the sake of peace; answered from the agony of honest hearts, answered from the longings of integral souls.

Few were those who were spared to begin the world again. Ah—our renaissance of innocence!!

Lightless were eyes of the Doom Collector. A voice of forged iron. Heart, a shard-blade, chipped from a meteor of extinction.

From land to land, the Collector galloped in a flash of lightning, in a shattering of thunder. He rode the black beast with eyes of madness, with foaming nostrils, with lathering lips, tongue, and gums. The mount breathing fire. The name of the beast was Shadow of Man.

In the trail of the beast, in the convulsive wake of the Doom Collector, aftermath of cataclysm, horror and holocaust, fell, timeless and silently, the black rain of atrocity. Ah—the abyss of betrayal!

dav02_400Epilogue – Moral Priorities for a Livable Future

1. Do everything in your power to re-stabilize the atmosphere and reverse global warming.

2. Make the entire planet a nuclear weapons free zone.

3. Build bridges of understanding, recognition and mutual respect, and work with dedication in developing and sustaining alternatives to war.

4. Shift funds from inflated military budgets to further education, eradicate population displacements and starvation, and for research to find cures for major deadly diseases and prepare all races and all nations equally to respond to future global pandemics.

5. Live from strength, not fear; inwardly centered and calm, outwardly engaged, urgent and determined. Live in convictions for life’s sake with priorities for betterment, passionate, not in the manipulated opinions, the numbing, of life’s betrayal.


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