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Ascension Ascension
by Osy Mizpah Unuevho
2020-09-18 09:34:19
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Previously published on Praxis MagOnline Chapbook “Around This Fire 5”

Not that speaking out was sin. No sir, I was of imprisoned light, longing for sunset air outside a congealed baptism of old earth. A boy once sitting in his moon, dulled by milk infinities of flat worlds in the darkness; still, expected to be full of soil, in exile, & walk on walls & in between small rooms learning how to leap from keystone to windowsill to star,
& dance & speak in interpretations from the lower language of sunflowers & lemon beetles, the references of self-discovery, also of ascension between huddled torsos renewing light slowly in the expanse of forever. By night, through the coming Jerusalem of dreams I was born. Through immersion in the cornerstone of that faith, I found my body to be, the transition of metals in water.



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