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Mitsotakis xenophobia rises from Moria's fires Mitsotakis xenophobia rises from Moria's fires
by Thanos Kalamidas
2020-09-12 09:54:40
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The refugee camp in Moria, Lesbos, which burned to the ground, hosted over 13.000 refugees and immigrants. Among them thousands of defenceless women and children, victims of war, violence and later from ...xenophobia, Islamophobia and racism.

There is a lot of responsibility to share here. A few European states refused to obey their refugee quota agreed by the EU leadership. To name the leading and brightest of all: xenophobe Orbán’s Hungary. Then there were some that put constant obstacles into helping Greece with the waves of refugees that were hitting one after the other often and in daily base the Greek islands from the Turkey’s shores; Poland to name one. All of them – including Brussels and the directorship of the Union – turned a blind eye to the humanitarian crisis eventually unveiling in Greece. And then it was the European Union itself that let a dictator to use the refugees as a tool to blackmail money – to start with – and then tolerance to his piratical imperialism, most often against Union’s members, especially Greece and Cyprus.

mor001_400For all the above they all share responsibility and guilt and eventually they will all be accountable for their actions, their not actions or their sense of solidarity in a Union that survives and thrives due to its solidarity.

But while all of them turned their backs to the unveieling drama in the Greek islands, especially in the refugee camps like the one in Moria, the Greek government led by a corrupted authoritarian and xenophobe, Kyriakos “Koulis” Mitsotakis, turned its back to humanity leaving these people to barely survive in tents on the often wet ground without clean drinking water and any kind of medical care. On the contrary, Mitsotakis  government constantly tolerated racist and xenophobia behaviour from the local police, the local authorities and local nazi elements that were (and still are) violently harassed the refugees everywhere they found them, in or outside the camp.

Mitsotakis’ ministers always ready to spread their xenophobic and racist poison, most often  on national television, gave alibi and motivation to these nazi elements not only to harass the refugees but also threaten. Threaten with violence and even physically attack kids that lived into the camp even using force and violence against them while trying to reach schools.

Some of the refugees are trying this very moment to salvage whatever they can from their burned things inside the destroyed camp and “demonstrators”, most of them supporters of the under criminal investigation nazi party, Golden Dawn and the governing far-right New Democracy, try to block them in any possible way including violence.

Most of the refugees in Moria – including newborn babies - have spent their days and nights since the fire, sleeping in the streets while xenophobe locals harass them and armed policemen, known for their far-right sympathies, threaten them. The new "element" Mitsotakis added in case there is ...trouble from the refugees! All these from a government and a prime minister who thrives at the moment with conspiracy theories like the one that wants ….Turkish spies starting the fires!

Kyriakos “Koulis” Mitsotakis government serving its role as an autocratic, xenophobe and often racist has shown the most inhuman face to these people, often accompanying actions with Trumpist tirades calling them terrorists and instruments of a mysterious Islamic army and letting them survive cold wet winters and tropical hot summers with minimum help, barely humanitarian. Mitsotakis government has often used brutal police force against women and children refugees in Moria and the people responsible for them have been often accused for crimes including rapes.

And while the inhuman inability of the Greek government and personally of Kyriakos “Koulis” Mitsotakis is a fact there are other questions that rise from the fires, taking in account that this is one of the most corrupted governments in Greek history. EU and hudreds of NGOs, even ordinary citizens from Europe and all around the world, have send money to Greece - a lot of money - in favour of these people and especially to help in Moria. EU has often included help and subsidies for the refugees in Greece – and especially in Moria – in its budgets and extra budgets. We are talking about millions. So…Where are all these money? Where have they gone when there was not even clean water in the refugee camp in Moria? How far corruption had burrned the camp before the fires? 

While we are ready to share blame shouldn’t start a serious investigation on what the Greek government has done in Moria? Is EU going to allow Kyriakos "Koulis" Mitsotakis xenophobia and tolerance to racists, nazis and violence against the refugees and the immigrants continue unpunished?

For how long we are going to let democracy die in the land that gave her birth?

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