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Bringing In the Sheep ! Bringing In the Sheep !
by Leah Sellers
2020-09-07 08:40:57
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“Praise the Lord and Halleluiah , Brothers and Sisters !” Pastor Mishanter shouted out to his rapt Congregation.
“Please, follow Brother Croak, our riveting Choral Director, in our Blessed hymn of Bringing in the Sheep….er, I mean Sheaves ! Sing loud and clear ! Fill the air with your tepid, microbe-ridden Breath of Life and Death ! Your exhalations and distillations of Covid-19 Herd Immunity !”
“For it is written somewhere that the Blessed and Strong shall Live ! The Cursed and Weak shall Die !”
“Can I hear an Amen ?!”
“Our Brave Supremo-Extremo Trumpty has led this National Herd Culling with great DisHonesty, Complacency, Incompetency, Alacrity and Morbidity ! Let us Praise the Dis-easing rotten fruits of his efforts, Brothers and Sisters !”
“Supremo-Extremo Trumpty’s almighty Dis-eased and Dis-easing Mind and Soul has Dis-eased our Great Nation with Blessed Assurances of Mis-Information and Consternation that All will be well with His followers Souls !
“For only His followers are and can be true Americans ! Everyone else is Lost ! The Democrats are Lost ! Immigrants and their Separated Children are Lost ! BLM and BM’s are extricated and Lost !
“We must Conquer what Supremo-Extremo Trumpty Divides us from with his every Word and Deed !”
shee001_400“His Reality of Anarchy must destroy the Protesters he calls Anarchists ! They are the Division he is Dividing all of us - all of God’s People from !”
“Can I hear an Amen ?!”
“All who do not stand with Us, Agree with Us, are our enemies ! Are the enemies of God ! They are to be shunned, vilified and hated in God’s, and Supremo-Extremo Trumpty’s Name !”
“Anti-Fascists are lost because Supremo-Extremo Trumpty is the One True Fascist Dictator, and We must follow our Beloved Leader’s beck and call !”
“Supremo-Extremo Trumpty says the American Nation is naught but Violence and Chaos run amuck ! It is coming to our Streets ! To our Suburbs ! To our Churches ! And yes, Supreme-Extremo Trumpty Is our President within this very moment in time. He has been our President for almost four years now ! And all of these heinous and fear-filled actions were, and still are, conflagrated and exacerbated during his Presidency, but our bowing and scraping to His Will and His Word is what we must do no matter how difficult it may be to swallow or believe.”
“That’s where our True Test of Faith comes into play, Brothers and Sisters ! We must Believe and Follow the UnBelievable and the UnFollowable !”
“Can I hear an Amen ?!”
“Yes, Brothers and Sisters, we must follow and pay heed to Supremo-Extremo Trumpty’s jangling, yellow bone spurs when he refuses to challenge his Brother Putin and his Russian military and intelligence for placing Bounties on the heads of our young Brothers and Sisterns in Our military fighting battles overseas for all of our Allies, and all of Us, and when Putin’s planes buzz our planes to taunt Us with a Hand In Your Face - Wing In your Face maneuver or two….or three ! Or when Putin energetic minions poison a Democracy Loving Russian Dissident Leader. We, too, must remain Silent ! We, too, must be toadying Toads !”
“Yes, Brothers and Sisters , only Supremo-Extremo Trumpty will fight for our Freedoms and Liberties while putting Guns in your hands to fight the Lost Souls he wants to keep at bay, and Divide Us from !”
“Yes, Brothers and Sisters, only Supremo-Extremo Trumpty shows you the Way to defy the false religion of Science with Masklessness ! With open, defiant faces in all kinds of Large group, super spreading places, like our very own Church !”
“How dare our Enemies tell us that we cannot go to Church and spread our very own germs throughout our very own Communities ! How dare they try to get all Americans to work Together to defeat Our common enemy, Covid-19 ! Just who do they think they are ?! Heretical, Do-Gooding Believers in
Science ! Our worshipful American Patriotism to our Supreme-Extremo Trumpty and our Religion will have none of that !
“Only Supremo-Extremo Trumpty cares about Our Religious Liberties and Rights ! And making sure that Israel can continue to effectively bulldoze over, use and abuse the Palestinian peoples with the support of his Arab - His Middle Eastern Business partners at the UAE ! Blessed be His name ! The name of Supremo-Extremo Trumpty ! Our Blessed Christian crowned King ! Only He is the Dumpty with Humpty ! Halleluiah !”
“And, don’t forget that our anointed King Supreme-Extremo Trumpty told us today from the Heritage-made shores of North Carolina to Mail-in Vote and then turn around and Vote-in-Person, too ! That’s right ! We are to Illegally Vote twice !!”
“So, I must urge all of my Flock to do just as Supremo-Extremo Trumpty ordered, because Trumpty is our Chosen King ! Let Freedom Ring-a-ling-a-ling !!”
“Can I hear an Amen ?!”
“So, throw your masks away ! Do not Socially Distance ! Do not sanitize and wash your hands clean ! Join Hands ! Sing into one another’s faces with joy and exultation ! Send your Children to School ! Go visit your dear ones at the Nursing Homes in droves ! And do not get a Vaccine, because they're filled with materials from aborted babies !”
“For we are in the End Times, because we are choosing to create the End Times as Humanity has so many self-created End Times before, in the name of other Supremo-Extremo Trumpties (by any other name) and our overshadowed interpretations and bone readings and rattlings from the Lord, God Almighty !”
“Can I hear an Amen….ahem ?! Is anybody else’s throat a little scratchy and sore ? Achoo !”
“And sing louder with Heavy Breath and Hearts of Stone ! Let the Pews and Tithing Trays Groan and Moan !”
“Yes, We shall Come Rejoicing Bringing in the Sheep !”


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