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Grey Towers Grey Towers
by Nikos Laios
2020-09-04 10:14:08
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The red goldfish
Swam in the fishbowl
Fluidly like blobs
Of ink.

midnight_dreaming_400_01While the
Yellow canary
Sat on its perch
Chirping and looking
Through its metal cage
At the red goldfish.

I sat on
An old couch in
My shoebox apartment
Stacked in a cement
Grey tower amongst all
The other cement grey towers
In the city jutting up like
The bare tree trunks
Of a dead forest,
Looking out
Through the window
At the other grey towers.

In the Kalahari
Sit on golden
Sand dunes
Staring at
The sunset
On the horizon.

Somewhere in
Greece the fishermen
Of Naxos haul their nets with
Their gnarled hands
And smiling bronze faces
To the sounds of
Old Greek love songs.

Somewhere in Brazil
The Gauchos ride
Across the plains on horses
With their colourful ponchos
And leather whips
Following their cattle,
With the breeze gently
Bending the shimmering
Grass like waves.

Somewhere in the world,
Humanity engages with life,
While we sit here
On our couches
In our grey cement towers,
With our red goldfish,
And yellow canaries.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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