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Can You Re-Hatch What's Been Un-Hatched ? Can You Re-Hatch What's Been Un-Hatched ?
by Leah Sellers
2020-09-02 10:29:30
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While gathering Eggs inside the Family Chicken Coop, Cheyenne paused to hold one of the Brown Eggs up close to her right eye. Her left eye was squeezed shut. “Mommy, can you Re-Hatch what’s been
Un-Hatched ?”
“Cheyenne, do you mean Re-Hash what’s been Un-Hashed ?” Cheyenne’s Mom queried.
“No Ma’am. Daddy said Re-Hash what’s been Un-Hashed, but I didn’t hear all of what he was saying to Uncle Jed.”
“Cheyenne, have you been eavesdropping again ?”
hatc001_400“I can’t help it, Mommy. I like knowing what the Adults are talking about. Even when I don’t always understand what I eavesdrop on,” Cheyenne confessed openly.
“Well, Honey, it sounds as if your Daddy and Uncle Jed were discussing politics again. They’re both in a dither over President Trump, and his Administration, breaking the Law ?”
“What Law Mommy ?”
“The Hatch Act, Baby. To the best of my knowledge it’s a Law that says that those in Power in the United States of America are not to politicize or use for their own pure vain glory the White House or any other Sacred Ground of We the People. Especially for political purposes in order to impress those folks who are all too easily impressed with the Power and Trappings of the Office of the President of the United States of America.”
“What does that mean, Mommy ?”
“It means that President Trump and everyone around him during the four day Republican National Convention participated in a very Banana Republic-like, Dictatorial, Authoritarian, Monarchical fanfare of over-the-top pomp and circumstance, because the Trump’s are not a royal family. They are just a bunch of made-to-be self important Business folks, who are Wanna-be-Royalty personalities.”
“But, Mommy, it’s fun to dress up and play like you’re a Queen. What’s wrong with that ?”
“They are Adults, Honey, and they want to play like Kings and Queens for real in a Democratic Country.”
“Mommy, Daddy and Uncle Jed were arguing about President Trump always Lying a lot about everything and anything. Daddy said that he wouldn’t know the Truth if it turned around and bit him,” Cheyenne grinned.
“Well, your Daddy’s right. President Trump does have trouble with the Truth. He’s a Business Man-Con Man. He tells folks what he thinks they want to hear, or manipulates them with their own Desires and Fears to get his way or put one over on them.”
"Mommy, why are Daddy and Uncle Jed always arguing these days ?"  
"Well, your Uncle Jed is an End Timer, and he loves his Guns."  
"Mommy, what is an End Timer ?"  
"Well, the short and sweet definition is that Uncle Jed is SomeOne who believes that their Time on Earth is about to End, because God and Jesus Christ are going to Save them, and eventually take them from the Troubles they see and feel brewing around them, and take Them all on up to Heaven, Safe and Sound.  And so, they really don't think any of us need to struggle against what's happening, and try to Change things, because it really doesn't matter anyway.  It's a dangerous Mind-set to have when the World is under the great Stressors of Great Transitional Stages.  And Mother Earth been through quite a few of them through the Ages."  
“Is Daddy right, Mommy ?  Has President Trump put one over on the United States of America ?"   
“There are many folks who feel that way, Cheyenne. He can be a very manipulative, mean-spirited, greedy and vengeful man, Baby Girl.”
“But, Mommy, you have taught me that those are not good Leadership qualities. That Jesus wants us to be Loving and Kind, and show Mercy and Grace to EveryBody,” Cheyenne said thoughtfully.
“And that will never change, Cheyenne.”
“And you taught me that I am to always tell the Truth. And always to Respect folks and treat them with Dignity and as much Patience as I can muster,” Cheyenne continued.
“That’s right, Baby. And all of those things will never change,” Cheyenne’s Mommy said firmly.
“But, Mommy, I have heard you and Daddy talk about how President Trump played around on his wife while she was pregnant with their son, with other women, that he bribed to shut-up. And that he has always been a Cheater, a greedy, needy Con Man, and a Liar, in order to make himself look more important than he really is or to make it look as though he owned and did more than he really did in order to make himself look like a Big Man.”
“I heard Daddy say that President Trump really thinks that he is Above the Law or Beyond it, and that he will stain and drain our American Election process, and Destroy our Great Democracy to remain in Power.”
“Daddy said that President Trump is deliberately letting Covid stampede and depress the Land like a crazy Herd of Cattle. That he’s deliberately letting folks get unemployed, evicted, and homeless, and desperate and confused and angry, and starving while he, and his cronies, live off of the Fat of the Land. And show off that they are living off the Fat of the Land while the Majority of Americans lose everything they have in a lot of places, so that they can turn around and Blame Joe Biden for it, and let the Democrats inherit President Trump’s huge mess to clean up if he can‘t hook-and-crook his way into being the First King of America.”
“But, I don’t understand how President Trump can Blame anything on Mr. Joe, and Kamala, and the Democrats, because President Trump is The President !”
“And, Daddy also said that President Trump, and his Family, and cohorts are stealing America blind, while allowing everyone else in America to suffer. And, that President Trump wants America to be in another Civil War, so that he can call for Marshall Law, and use the Military, and trigger happy Volunteer militiamen with long guns and bombs to help him take over the American Democratic Government.”
“Cheyenne, you are not supposed to be listening in on those conversations. Where were you hiding when your Daddy and I were having those discussions ?” Cheyenne’s Mommy interrupted emphatically.
Cheyenne shrugged her shoulders, and lowering her eyes said, “I was hiding behind the couch, Mommy. It’s one of my favorite eavesdropping places.”
“Well, we’ll see about that in the future, Young Lady,” Cheyenne’s Mommy warned.
“Yes Ma’am. I’m sorry, Mommy, but when you and Daddy lower your voices and get all secretive, it makes me want to crawl behind the couch to hear what I’m not supposed to hear.”
Cheyenne’s Mommy stifled a smile, and stared calmly at her Curious Eve.
“Mommy, why does President Trump like to Divide and Conquer, when he’s supposed to be Uniting the United States of America not Conquering it ?”
“That’s a very good question, Cheyenne. He’s a Power hungry Man afraid of being held to Account for all of the things he’s done wrong to accumulate that Power. As long as Trump has been the President, he has proven that the Republican Party and his Followers, and a man named Barr will never hold him to Account. They bow and grovel to President Trump’s every whim and Tweet.”
“Tweet, like on the Computer, Mommy ? Not like the Birds in the Trees ?”
Cheyenne asked.
“That’s correct, Honey.”
“There are many Norms and Traditions that have been established within our Government Body that Protect the Integrity and Moral and Ethical Purposes of our Great Democracy‘s processes and actions, Cheyenne,” Cheyenne’s Mommy explained.
“And Chicks, whether Healthy and Well Intentioned or Dis-eased and Mal-Intentioned, once Hatched just can’t be put back into the Egg they Hatched from. The Hatched Egg is Damaged in some areas and Broken in others. What’s Done is Done. It is what it is.”
“Mommy, how did such an UnAmerican President BeCome President ? Didn’t anybody ever teach him how a Democracy works ? Didn’t folks who Voted for him know that they were being Lied to ? That they were being Used to help get someone, who did not deserve it, Power over America, and all of us Americans, and the rest of the whole, wide World ?” Cheyenne frowned.
“No, Cheyenne. Not everyone saw him for Who and What he truly is. And those that did, did not care as long as Trump would allow them to be proudly and defiantly Racist, or Sexist, or Angry, or Fearful or Violent and Mean-Spirited. President Trump is comfortable with all of those things, and so are his Supporters or they would not continue to support and raise high such a dark and false King of their and His own making.”
“But, Mommy, we’re Americans. We don’t bow down before Kings and Queens.”
“Precisely, Cheyenne. Precisely,” Cheyenne’s Mommy agreed.
“Mommy, can we Re-Hatch our UnHatched Act ?”
“We can but try, Cheyenne, once this would-be-King is turned out of office with the rest of his Family and Minions, and held to Account for all of his, and their, transgressions.”
“Mommy, should you and I make Masks for all of our Chickens so that they don’t get the dreaded Covid Virus ? I like the one you made for me with all of the Yellow Roses of Texas covering it. I get lots of compliments on it.”
“That’s good to hear, Cheyenne, but I don’t think that our Hens and Roosters need them. However, if I hear different, we’ll brainstorm, and create some interesting patterns for their ever pecking beaks.”
“Ha, ha ! I like that, Mommy. Their ever pecking beaks. They are always on the move unless they’re laying on their eggs or sleeping.”
“Yes, now Chickens are creatures who truly know the ins and outs of the Action of Hatching, and Re-Hatching, but sadly not UnHatching what has been Hatched. That, Dear One, is even beyond Chicken Physics.”
“Mommy, is that why you named one of our Roosters, Einstein, and the other one Albert ?” Cheyenne giggled.
“Guilty as charged,” Cheyenne’s Mommy laughed out loud as she mussed her precocious daughter’s hair as they stepped outside the Chicken Coop and headed toward their Home with baskets full of promising UnHatched Eggs.


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