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Heaven and Earth Heaven and Earth
by George Cassidy Payne
2020-08-30 09:07:33
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I am left timeless. My skin is timeless.
Like the rusty mercury gauge in an old Chevy.

I am gazing upon Christ. I am aggressive.
My density is aggressive. I am an out of body

experience. My blood pressure drops to zero.
I am a cardiac arrest. The feeling of absolute resolution.

I am the hangings, shootings, and burnings. I am a path
of radical poverty. United to each other as brother and sister.

I am the problem of religious language. I am an impassioned heart.
Everything deserving of praise. The world whose beauty the sun and moon admire.

I am a deserted street corner in Brooklyn. I am Crazy Horse and Little Big Horn.
I am the tail of the Great Bear-Ursa Major.

I am a young prisoner. I am neither above nor below.
I pledge my allegiance to the rocks and plants. To the soil.

To the oak trees and the woods. I am the holy body and blood.
I am replete with goodness. One who loves. Those enemies I never met.

I am what the poor know. What never ends up on a family tree.


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